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Holidays in Cyprus

"Holidays in Cyprus" - International summer camp with English language learning for students. Language School Malvern House, which has accredited by the British Council and a member of EnglishUK, and The Language Explorer Cyprus, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus, with 2007 year during summer vacations are jointly organizing a camp for children with learning English.

Cyprus - a sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the warm sand, pine forests, filled with the scent of pine and coastal caves, enticing with its mystery, mountains and orange groves, millennia-old monuments and incendiary dance Sirtaki! In short, it is an ideal place for outdoor activities and excursions. Civilization of Cyprus, whose age is about 10000 years - one of the oldest in the world, which confirms the many works of art and ancient temples, many of which were listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site. No less shocking and nature of the island: it is one of the few places where sea turtles come ashore to breed in the mountains where inhabits mountain mouflon and grow rare plants such as the tulip and the Cyprus cyclamen.

Children's camp is in a safe and quiet area near the picturesque town of Episkopi in 15 minutes from the main tourist area and beaches of Limassol, the second largest city of Cyprus. Classes take place in the new school building in 3-minute walk from the hotel. The school ensures a high level of teaching and children's safety. Do not forget to bring your beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen with a high protection factor, panama.

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