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What you need to know about Cyprus


Tourists coming to Cyprus needs to know that the local mains voltage has the following characteristics: voltage - 240, frequency current - 50 Hz, sockets - three phase. Therefore, to use common household appliances designed for mains voltage 220 B, you will require an additional adapter. You can take it in the hotel or buy in the store for 1-1,5 euros.


In January 2007, Cyprus is among the states that have accepted on its territory the single European currency (euro). Banks in Cyprus you will not accept Russian rubles, so to avoid force majeure is better to think about buying Cypriot currency in Russia.


The official language of the state - the Greek, but everywhere here speak English. Traveling to Cyprus for tourists from Russia should be aware that in many Cypriot bars, supermarkets and shops have specialists fluent in Russian (in our directory such institutions designated marker).

National characteristics

The bulk of Cypriots quite hospitable and friendly. The island's population is very religious. But we should remember that for many of them is the theme of unwanted Turkish occupation of the island.


Schedule stores in winter time - six days a week (Monday to Saturday), with up to 8-00 13-00 and to 15-00 17-30, in the summer - with 16-00 to 19-00. On Wednesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon stores are closed.


You can make a phone call to Russia from the hotel using the instructions in every room or from the machine, which will be much cheaper. Calls from the phone are carried out using coins or phone cards. They are available for free sale in the mail, in bargaining stations, in supermarkets and some banks and are 2, 5 or 10 euros. To call to Russia, you need to use the international output 00, then dial the code of Russia - 7, then - the code of the city you want to call and the phone number of the subscriber. For example, for Moscow dialing the number will be as follows: 007-495-subscriber number in Moscow. Calls from Russia to Cyprus are made when dialing the country code (for Cyprus - 357) and the city code (for Ximxax in Limassol, 25 for Larnaca, 24 for Paphos, 26 for Ayia Napa, 23 for Nicosia). Thus, to call the hotel in Paphos from Russia, you should dial: 22-toot-8-10-357-six-digit hotel number.


In the southern, Greek Cypriot many restaurants already include the expense 10% on tips. Northern Cyprus similar can be found only in expensive restaurants, so the total mass is necessary to provide a certain amount for a waiter over the bill. Also customary to tip taxi drivers and maids in hotels.


The cheapest transport in Cyprus are buses. They ply inside cities, bringing tourists from tourist areas in the center of the resort, as well as between different cities. One or two times a day between the villages of rural buses go.

If buses - the cheapest form of transport, a taxi - the most popular. In the city, you can call a taxi by phone, hotel front desk or on the base parking. Usually in urban taxi meter installed, and the fare is formed from the initial rate, mileage and the amount of baggage spaces (based 1 baggage weighing no more than 12 kg). At Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays will be charged an additional fee for urban taxis.

For trips around the countryside, you can order a taxi only at the base parking lot. In such cars there is no counter, and the cost of the trip is determined depending on the kilometer, and the amount of payment will depend on whether you eat only one way or book a taxi round trip. In addition to ordinary taxis, almost every hotel in the reception can also order the so-called "service taxi", which runs between cities. The cost of such a trip will be twice as expensive as on a bus, but much cheaper than a conventional taxi, since minibuses simultaneously carry up to 10 people.

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