Today: March 22 2019
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Really it happened, it's hard to believe !? Quite non-Cyprian "speed" or from above gave a command? It took only a half a year for the "whitefish" to be published in the open press and the Russian-language newspaper published in Cyprus, which is not objective and afraid to publish truthful materials, whispered about the good part of the Russian-speaking population of Cyprus, and the Russian representatives of business knew literally the next day, but the officials of the Russian state in Cyprus stubbornly kept silent. This is me about the case of cruel and "unsportsmanlike" beating of Russians by island aborigines.

Brutal case - because our guys were in intensive care, and "unsportsmanlike" - in a fair fight chains, fittings, brass knuckles are not guns and ten to one, you know - it is wrong and even gopoty "zapadlo." But is not the most severe scuffle, and in the subsequent circumstances around her.

This event shows the true face of significantly island of Themis, the authorities' response, and the attitude of some of the islanders to their own and others, as I regularly tell online. Puzzle quietly formed on the image to see that, sooner or later Cypriots will have to think and not whether to change the attitude to the goose that lays golden eggs on the island. Chicken eggs that can shift to another cart and change the vector of priorities.

So, the story itself firsthand:

"I decided to share what happened with me for a long time and probably would not have dared. The reason was the news that 6 May 2012 year was found the body of a woman who came to rest from Russia, not far from the place where our children are walking. Cyprus for a huge number of people from the former USSR has become a kind of quiet harbor, a country where it is customary to bring to the permanent residence of the family, because "it's quiet here", "here the children are comfortable and safe." And indeed, such fame was entrenched behind this hospitable and wonderful island because here family traditions are honored, treated with respect and love for children, parents. I am sure that many of us answer the question "Why did you choose Cyprus?": "Because of people." Not great weather, not an amazing sea, but people - that's the main thing. However, not everything is so cloudless. And I, unfortunately, experienced this on myself. As a result of a brawl in one of the restaurants where my wife and I invited our friends with their wives, we nearly died. A forty man decided to teach us a lesson, and one of them did it with the help of a piece of iron that he kept in the trunk of his car just for such cases. As a result, all four men were taken to the hospital with their heads pierced and for the next week they were pumped out to the intensive care unit. True, to the credit of this pack, our spouses, except for one who had bruises on the body, did not suffer - except for the most severe stress from the experience. In another country and under other circumstances, they too could be beaten. Then - the conclusion of doctors, then - first one, then another lawyer: it was an assassination attempt. All three couples who usually care about their safety were in Cyprus at my invitation. Before leaving the restaurant, we made a traditional toast to this island. I will omit the details of the many hours of interrogation of policemen and protocols, so as not to bore you and not to disturb your memories. Then the most interesting began. Please, trace the chain of respected persons who reacted to this incident. Three days later, the President recognized the incident, which instructed the Minister of Justice to sort out what had happened. Then there was a meeting of our ambassador with the minister, the ambassador also went to Limassol and took the case under personal control. Personal participation was shown by the chairman of the parliament who called the chief of Limassol police and received from him assurances that very soon criminals will be found. Notice, in Cyprus (and not in billion China). And then - with dozens of meetings, on which were given all conceivable and unthinkable promises and assurances ...
Since this nightmare has been more than six months, and we are, thanks to the organized its own investigation, found and handed over to police the name and place of work "protagonist", hired a special counsel who, acquainted with the materials, assured us that such acts he will be condemned. Get a decent fee for their certification.

At the exit: 1. Crime was committed, qualified as attempted ubiystvo.2. About crime leaders know all what only vozmozhno.3. We have found a criminal who committed this prestuplenie.4. Known for its location and name with familiey.5. For the third time in Cyprus arrives one of my friends who had identified the perpetrator and is ready to make it official.
But now we are negotiating with the police about what should be the procedure of detention and so on. And this has been going on for six months.
I am determined to see it through, despite the fact that they no longer feel any emotions towards these people. I am eternally grateful to God that we were alive, but infinitely angry at those who are obliged to keep order in the country. Those who receive the money for it, including tax that we pay.
Imagine how such a situation would be an ordinary resident of the island, which is not possible to reach any one in the summit or hire a lawyer.
Shortly after the incident, I received Cypriot citizenship. Hand on the Bible, I swore allegiance to the new country. Hard for me to make this decision. But if we already live here and think of ourselves as citizens of this country, we must say that such failure of the state and its representatives are obliged to protect our peace, will eventually lead to the total collapse. We have, unfortunately, witnessed a similar collapse.
Numerous stories about robberies, thefts and murders already Cyprus inflict irreparable harm. I have repeatedly said, and now I want to repeat that in the structure of the cost of housing and the total capitalization of the island as a whole 80% - is security. Beautiful and comfortable shores and beaches in the world countless. So no need to cut the branch you are sitting on, gentlemen, our mission is to preserve peace and to ensure our security.

Such a case and most importantly - the reaction to it of those who are obliged to take decisive actions on the duty of duty and their duties, are not single. Those who wish to link their further life with Cyprus, it is worth considering this fact and understanding that in the coming years !!!, namely, such an approximate time will last for a whitefish, nothing will change. A foreigner who lives in Cyprus, practically without rights, most of the issues in non-judicial order will be decided on the principle of a large village - "you are here temporarily, and we live and live here with the local people". You will be promised, to portray a violent activity in resolving the issue, to conduct formal procedures, again to promise and again to decide, and how, in that fable of I.Krylov. Painfully familiar situation, is not it?

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