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Increase in electricity tariffs in Cyprus and consequences

Electricity tariffs in Cyprus rose by about 30%, and with a calm analysis and calculation - almost 58% increase in the period from January to February 2011 2012 year. And so it began what I predicted, though unusual for Cyprus pace - people gradually started to have those who are trying to have them. Simply put, the Cypriots and possibly non-residents of Cyprus began to look for ways to reduce energy costs. "Optimization" costs, of course, took the path of least resistance - the Chinese way. And the length of the response of consumers to increase tariffs surprised and quite uncharacteristic for Cyprus.

In Cyprus, there are companies that offer special steel appliances that can reduce electricity consumption. Electricity Company of Cyprus (EAC) - monopoly supplier of electricity, tensed and nervous. Money that will, if not already started to lose decent. And for users of their services every month thinking - not extra minus 100-200 Euro from the family budget, which stimulates to action. Using all possible media resources, EAC became a zombie process and inhabitants of the island - it's all a lie, these devices do not work, it's a scam. In fact, all these devices work well, significantly reducing electricity consumption, save a lot of money and pay off in the first month of use. Another thing is that the legitimacy of the use of such devices - is highly questionable.

Go to civilized ways to cut costs on electricity consumed prevents Cypriot mentality - laziness, whitefish whitefish and the desire to get a lot at once, and with minimal effort. The idea is to use solar power plants in the country with 360 days of sunshine breaks on these vital nuances. Cheap low quality Chinese products in the form of small solar power plants worth in 6-8 times more than in China. For sellers that want to eat and eat hearty. Go to Marlene Leroux in Nicosia and look at the samples, and then compare the prices in the store and on the Internet - will be shocked at the margin. Of very high quality products of our company Zelenograd I generally keep quiet - Cyprus it would cost at the price of the car. But pitfall not only in the trade margin. You will have to shell out a tidy sum for the installation of the solar system. As well, work is extremely expensive Cypriot engineer, 2-3 hours of his work is paid at a daily rate of astronauts in space from NASA. Although connect and install the system can even 12 old child. A more notorious and widely used in Cyprus - "the price for Russian."

Also, there are legal barriers to the use of solar power. Extra solar cells on the roof of his house to be agreed with the authorities. In fairness this information I'm not sure legislation alive has seen - at all read somewhere kafeshnyh rumors and talk. If anyone can help and clarify this issue - I will be very grateful and be sure to place on a site.

And what do we see what further picture and the prospect looms? A very simple, and short-sighted decision tupeyshee Electric Company of Cyprus (EAC) is so dramatically increase energy tariffs provoked the opposite effect. People began to look at all possible ways to reduce their costs. And these Chinese boxes advertised only the tip of the iceberg. That is fraught with the rest of the iceberg is easy to learn from google for certain search queries. Or from friends who are working or have worked in the casino, if any, and who are well aware of how these monsters are reducing their energy consumption for electricity. Or our fellow Slavs - Ukrainians, where such devices are in every farmhouse and half apartments. And they talk about which sites and show on youtube, how it is implemented in life. Or be patient and wait a bit, when enterprising Chinese, Filipinos and Greeks flood the entire island products of modern technology. Eager for money EAC will lose their income and no obstruction methods do not improve the situation.

Further more, foreigners in the face of the British and Russians - this chicken, bringing Cyprus golden eggs will begin to think, but not too much we pay for living on the island, that he gives us for the money, which we can not get in 500 km north-west? Why on mainland Europe - in Spain, in Italy the price is as much as all 25%! below being equally as products, the same sun and the sea. Confusion with the titles to real estate, specifically supported the construction company in collusion with state approval - no. Problems with visa or immigration service virtually none. Legalized voluntary-compulsory assistance to banks in the form of compulsory national accounts in banks is not. Annual humiliating procedures prove to officials of the Immigration Service that you is solvent - no. And the golden eggs will transfer to the other shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

But the most fun will start with a bang when Greece will leave from the European Union. But that's another song and it has not long to wait, are placed according to the titles issued, the show begins ...

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