Today: March 23 2019
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Living in Cyprus more expensive by leaps and bounds

I'm sure very few people in Cyprus left untouched came in late January the receipt of payment of electricity consumed. Tsiferki they were similar to the phones.

- Winter, increase energy, you might say.
- No, the power consumption remains the same and comparable to the average in the winter season, and in some cases even fell, I will answer.

It's all about the sharp increase in the cost of consumed electricity. The cost of the most expensive electricity in the European Union has increased by about 25-30%. If we had an average electricity bill of about 400-500 Euro, then the "January greetings from power engineers" found in the mailbox was about the same amount. And what is the focus, where is the outrage, where is the price increase? And the trick is that we were not in Cyprus for almost 3 weeks - we traveled around Europe. The electricity consumption was almost 2 times lower than usual, and the amount of the bill has not changed. Our neighbors in the village received an account in almost 1500 Euro, instead of the usual 800-900. So everywhere. What kind of ..., sorry, the short-sighted person in the company of the electricity supplier decided to raise tariffs - one can only guess.

What did Cyprus get from the decision of this grief-economist and market-master? The answer is unequivocal - the widespread rise in prices. On average, to begin with, food has already risen in price by 5-10%, the cost of the consumer basket has increased by 5-10%, going to the supermarket for ordinary milk, bread, meat now costs almost 100 Euro. On the rise, prices for services and transportation costs. And how will it end? The fact that residents of Cyprus will start to master Chinese sites with interesting devices, actively implementing nanotechnology, foreign citizens for their serene old age and investing funds will look for an alternative to Cyprus in the form of mainland Spain, Portugal or Italy. Where also there is sun and sea, prices for practically everything a normal person needs (food, services, transportation) are 10-15% lower than Cyprus, the quality of life is much higher, historical and interesting places are not 2-3 for the whole country, but everywhere and the value of real estate is already almost 40% lower (for example, took Spain). That's the whole deal.

Problem of expensive electricity in some European countries decide as follows:

Or, for example, not so rough, and more "technologically":

Which path the Cypriot consumer?

Once again, the correction of mistakes and management problems of the company falls a heavy burden on the shoulders and wallets of consumers of services. Someone from power engineering will exclaim - but after all the largest power station in Cyprus so has strongly suffered after explosion, it needs to be restored. Guys, the cost of electricity before the explosion so it was just indecent, and for the consequences of the explosion you received and still get good money from insurance companies. With intelligent and rational use of these funds, as the Germans do, it is possible to build more than one station. And if you buy equipment for such amounts as ordinary Chinese generators cost in Cyprus after the explosion, then hope that this final increase in the cost of electricity is not necessary.

Shocked to push growth in electricity prices rastavatsya citizens actively with their blood and non-blood evrobumazhkami, the power company is going to enter the time frame for payment receipts with penalties for delay and possible disconnection of electrical networks for regular defaulters.

For our part, we have so far decided to monitor the situation. We will try to use more rationally and optimally electricity, perhaps I will bring several solar batteries from Russia (in Cyprus the cost of such systems is about 50% higher than in Russia, and installing them, which even a child can cope with, is quite unseemly) and connect them to the pump pool and the outside lighting of the house. Maybe we'll write out another hundred Chinese in silk panties and ebonite wand, or we'll switch to full autonomy. However, if prices continue to follow in the footsteps of NASA specialists towards the red planet, then simply we will simply move to Spain. Who will win or lose from this - the answer is obvious.

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