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Hotels in Cyprus: general characteristics

Numerous hotels Cyprus presented classical categories, which used every tourist.

This hotels with two, three, four and five stars, or so-called "boutique hotels", the second group - apart-hotels or in other hotel apartments, and complete this kind of classification of villas and townhouses, which can be rented by the day. According to international hotel standards in the majority they fully comply with the requirements adopted in this kind of business.

Five-Star Hotels

These hotels in Cyprus presented by both local companies and international hotel chains. As a rule, this is not just a hotel, but the entire complex, which offered guests a wide range of services. In most cases, the territory 5-tizvezdnyh hotels have their own restaurants, several pools, including children, SPA-center, beauty salon, gym, tennis courts and playgrounds, as well as children's clubs or children's playrooms. The grounds themselves are beautifully groomed, often occupies a large area, the hotel also can abut the beach.

Four Star Hotels

Accommodation in hotels of this class is chosen by people who are accustomed to comfort and at the same time able to count their money. Compared with the five star hotels in Cyprus are virtually no way inferior to the service, the only difference may lie in the more modest decoration of the halls and rooms, as well as less extensive territory. In addition, the four-star hotels are often located at some distance from the beach, for some tourists may be a problem.

Two and three-star hotels

As no surprise, but Cyprus hotels are practically not represented 2-LAN hotels, but if you find any, and then the level of service and quality finishes are practically does not differ from the three-star. Of course, this is a budget accommodation option, but it will be best for families with children and for young couples.

Apartment hotels: features and classification.

Inherently apartment hotels are the same hotel apartments, which, unlike the standard rooms have an additional kitchen area. For this reason, accommodation at Aparthotel is acceptable for those who want to save money during your holiday in restaurants or prefer homemade food restaurant. In addition to kitchen utensils and equipment, such kitchenettes sometimes set and washing machine, which is also very convenient and economical. For categories to Aparthotel alphabetic classification system is used, which, in principle, no different from digital. For example, the letter «A» means that the hotel has 5 stars, «B» - 4 stars, and so on.

Rental villas and townhouses for rent

For an extended stay on the island, as well as for a family holiday or a large company the best option may be residing vacation rental villas, townhouses and apartments. Comfortable apartments in Cyprus you can rent almost any part of the island, focusing on your wishes. Most cases, rent is cheap, but it should be remembered that the cost will depend on several factors. Determining parameter here is the location of the villa: the closer to the sea, the more expensive. It should be noted also that renting a villa, you pay directly for the property itself, not the number of people who will live in it. So stay a great company with this type of accommodation in some sense will help you save.

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