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Shopping in Cyprus

As a rule, many tourists perceive as Cyprus is ideal for leisure and shopping go to France or Italy. Nevertheless, the number of those who come to this island not only soak up the beaches, but also devote their time shopping, not too small. And, we think that this article will help you to understand what, where and how to buy.

First of all say that the brand shops in Cyprus, despite the opinion of some, is not uncommon. Here they are shown not less extensively than in other countries. Your attention is invited to many famous brands, new collections of clothes and shoes, designer boutiques. The difficulty is only that find this "treasury" is not just for this, you should know a few exceptionally Cypriot features:

  • Если Вы планируете шоппинг в Пафосе, в Лимассоле или в другом туристическом центре, то предупредим: здесь Вы вряд ли найдете что-то стоящее. Дело в том, что Кипр, вопреки мировым традициям сочетать деловую жизнь и туризм, отходит от этого правила. Поэтому, если для размещения Вы выбираете город в туристической зоне, например, Пафос, магазины брендовых вещей вряд ли встретятся Вам на его улицах. Просто изначально так сложилось, что основными потребителями дорогой модной одежды являлись именно местные жители. Поэтому и сегодня многие мировые бренды предпочитают размещать свои бутики подальше от туристических зон и вообще в значительном удалении от побережья. По этой причине за покупками лучше отправляйтесь в Никосию или в другой город вне турзоны.
  • Outwardly, nothing fancy Cypriot shops themselves are not "issue": they do not have screaming neon signs and colorful advertising. Conversely, branded boutiques here often executed very modestly, as a rule, in a minimalist style.
  • Another interesting nuance, which pleases the tourists Cyprus - prices in local boutiques. Usually they can not be called modest, but if you plan your vacation in February or August and it is the time to go to Cyprus, the prices you are sure to please. That's because in this state legislated periods in which boutiques allowed to arrange the sale. At this time, prices in stores may reach 50, and even 70%!

We hope our recommendations will help you to understand all the features of Cypriot shopping. And to find a good shop was not tiring for you, use the tips our catalog.

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