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Diving in Cyprus

Mediterranean has always been very attractive for divers from around the world. Among the many resorts that offer scuba diving to some interesting sites on the island of Cyprus is considered the pearl. There is not only good start to dive for the first time, but you can spend your time in the contemplation of the underwater world recognized attractions.

In recent years, Cyprus is becoming more and more popular among our fellow citizens, which in turn contributes to the fact that many local dive clubs were Russian-speaking instructors. On the pages of a tourist portal Internet Search Guide we have tried to gather not only general information about diving in Cyprus (dive sites, accommodation ektrennyh services, etc.), but also information about local dive centers that offer training and certification as well as Equipment rental to certified divers. So, all about diving in Cyprus:

General information for divers and beginners

Diving in Cyprus as a sport is not only easily accessible but also popular among beginners in the field, and among professional divers. Even if you've never tried to dive with akvalanogm in the past, it is not necessary to be afraid of. Experienced instructors working in any certified dive center in Cyprus, will hold professional instruction, after which you will be able to make the first dive in my life. It is standard practice for the initial stage diving. This training program is called "Discover Scuba Diving" and, under the supervision of an experienced instructor, gives you a chance to see the underwater world to a depth of 10 meters. Typically, after the first dive into the magical world of the underwater kingdom, many continue training under the program Open Water Diving, which lasts from the 4 5 days to obtain an international diving certificate. The training program is composed of divers of theoretical and practical training (a few dives in the pool and open water). As previously mentioned, most of the dive centers in Cyprus there are Russian-speaking instructors, so you will not have problems in communication.

For certified divers island of Cyprus primarily interested in the so-called technical diving - dive to the "rack-" (wrecks and other objects of the technical plan). The most interesting among these facilities in Cyprus is of course the Swedish ferry "Zenobia", sunk close to the commercial port of Larnaca. This ship, which crashed in 1980 year, is among the ten most interesting underwater sites in the world. A very important fact was that the crash was not the affected people: at the bottom there were only a juggernaut that carry steam.

Product diving in Cyprus

Cyprus - a real find for both recreational divers and professionals, as the island you will find many interesting places to dive. Especially for the convenience of visitors to the project, we have broken all the attractions for divers by region Cyprus:

Dive Sites in Paphos, Polis and Latchi

  • Achilleas - Greek ship sunk in a mysterious explosion in 1975 year. Depth 12 meters.
  • Amphitheater - This unique natural monument is located at a depth of 12 meters and is actually very similar to the ancient Greek amphitheater.
  • Amphorae Reef - Here at a depth of 5-10 meters you can find a lot of pottery, which sank in ancient times with the Greek galleys and triremes.
  • Devil's Head - These bizarre rocks and craters are located at depths of up to 8 20 meters and the residence of unique soft corals.
  • Manajin Island - A small dive site, which offers a beautiful arch and other natural attractions. Glubira object - from the 6 22 to meters.
  • St. George Iceland - This beautiful island is interesting not only because it is completely flat on the surface of the sea, but the fact that the water is a beautiful cave. Depth to 32 meters.
  • SlipWay - Interesting underwater caves along the leading cleft. The depth of the 5 30 to meters.
  • The Channel - You can get here via a secure passage. There you can explore not only the scenic rock formations and abundant wildlife. The depth of the object 14 meters.
  • Vera K ship - The ship is at a depth of 10 meters. The ship ran aground in 70-ies and was used as a target for artillery training. This place is ideal for underwater photography.
  • White River - The object is located on the Akamas Peninsula and is very interesting for divers. The unique flora and fauna, scenic terrain. Depth 14 meters. 

Dive Sites in Pissouri and Limassol

  • Ship Cooper - The British ship was copper sheathing and therefore still preserved. He sank not far from Akrotiri at a depth of 9 meters.
  • Ship Phrases II - Open type cargo ship displacement of about 1000 tons. The depth of 21 meter. The ship well preserved.
  • Three Star Ship - The ship caught fire and ran aground in 1972 year. Very interesting object for inspection. Depth just 7 meters.
  • Big Country - Quite a large multi-level object quite picturesque. Numerous rocks and caves provide shelter to many different species of fish, moray eels, etc. Depth 23 meters.
  • Ship MV Habe - This rack is a barge displacement of 1000 tons. This place is excellent training ground for novice divers as well as the depth is only 9 meters.
  • Twin Rocks - Two large rocks are a place of residence for many inhabitants mosrkogo bottom. Depth 21 meter.
  • Sharks Cove - Shark tunnel got its name not because of these predators. This tunnel is very picturesque. Depth 12 meters.
  • Tombs - Close to the shore there are some very interesting caves similar to the ancient tomb. Depth 12 meters.
  • Caverns & Caves - These beautiful Pesher located in the interior of the reef just meters from the 100 coastline. This is a great place to observe the marine life located at only 14 meters.
  • Archways & Pinnacles - A large arch with four towers is striking. Very interesting place to explore the flora and fauna. Depth 21 meter.
  • Ship M \ Y Diana - The yacht sank in 1996 year and well preserved. She stands upright at a depth of 21 meter and is a perfect object for diving.

Dive Sites in Larnaca

  • Zenobia ferry - A Swedish ferry was sunk near the port of Larnaca with the whole load. Well-preserved ship and trucks scattered along the bottom make a dive in this place truly unforgettable. Depth to 40 meters. The object is included in 10-ku most interesting for diving in the world!
  • HMS Cricket - The cruiser from World War II sank as a result of air raid in 1947 year. The facility is located at a depth of 33 meters.
  • British helicopter - This place has sunk to a depth and is an ideal place for underwater photography.
  • Fraggle Rock - At a depth of 16 meters you will find a truly unique natural world, which appeared here thanks largely to a sunken barge.
  • Mushrooms Rock - This place is deep enough - at 50 meters. Very interesting rock in the form of a mushroom and deep-sea creatures will not let you get bored.
  • Octopus Reef - As the name implies, this reef is a habitat for octopuses and other marine animals. Depth just 10 meters.
  • Jetty - Is a sunken British military armored vehicle is at a depth of 6 meters. Many marine species and of interest for inspection make the place very interesting.
  • Sheep Dip - A place rich in rock gardens and other marine life. Depth comes to 16 meters.

Dive Sites in Ayia Napa and Protaras

  • Tunnels & Caves - Through the picturesque tunnel you get into dosatochno vast cavern that predstavleyat a very picturesque and memorable place. This facility is for immersion only 10 meters depth.
  • Chapel - At this point, you can explore the many caves. On the shore is also a cozy chapel. Immersion depth up to 25 meters.
  • Canyon - Very scenic canyon located at a depth of 25 meters. rich flora and fauna really amazing.
  • Green Bay - Probably at least once in your life you dreamed of finding treasure. Here in Cyprus at a depth of only 12 meters you finally realize his dream. Imagine the bottom, which is literally strewn with ancient amphoras and keeps the spirit of the ancient Greek and Phoenician shipwrecks of wooden ships.

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