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Cyprus Beaches

Ladies and gentlemen, here we come to the story, which is interesting for every tourist coming to Cyprus. Yes, in this article we will tell you about the most popular and interesting beaches of the island. Though the whole of Cyprus - it's a great beach incredibly large extent.

In the beginning of our story, we consider it necessary to warn you that the beaches of Cyprus are very different from the Turkish ones. Therefore, those who have ever rested in Turkey, Cypriot beaches, most likely disappoint, but not everything is so bad. The fact is that each local beach, depending on its location, has certain subtleties and features. As a rule, employees of travel agencies do not talk about them, therefore, upon returning to Russia, many tourists have a very clear desire to talk with the travel agency employees, which is called "masculine." Nevertheless, from the pleasant it can be noted that absolutely all the beaches of Cyprus, even if they are located a few meters from the hotel, are municipal. For this reason, the entrance to them is free and free, only additional services remain, for example, sunbeds, umbrellas, sun awnings and beach towels. For them you will have to pay 1-2 euro for the entire day of use.

Nissi Beach (Agia-Napa)

In Ayia Napa, this beach is the most popular among tourists. It is located near the eponymous hotel Nissi Beach Holiday Resort and stretches nearly 2 km. From the Greek name of the beach is translated as "island", for its part, can add to this translation epithet "paradise." Indeed, here you will find beautiful landscaped grounds, clean sand, clear blue water and attentive service.

Among the available entertainment can choose lesson for everyone: there is water, sports, beach, youth, active and passive leisure activities. Nissi Beach is especially suitable for families with children. Like many beaches of Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach has a special "fence" of water in the form of a large reef, it also added a small footbridge isthmus. In this bay the water is always warm and did not cool down, so you can spend hours lying there, as in the jacuzzi.

Enter the sea is very convenient, as the bottom topography is quite calm and has no large differences. You can safely leave small children, they can safely play and splash in the water within the reef, as the depth of the sea is half a meter high - meter. If you decide to climb over the reef, you should be careful, as wet stone represents a serious danger: it is necessary to digress a bit and you can find yourself suddenly in hospital quarters.

The reef itself and its waters are literally teeming with all sorts of marine life: crabs, starfish, seashells and colorful fish. Of course, like you can not compare with the beauty of the reefs of the Red Sea, however, it leaves quite a good impression of the Cyprus nature. By the way, do not recommend "flirt" with crabs, even if their size is insignificant - any of them could easily hurt, and in the worst case and deprive you of your finger.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then Nissi Beach are two of them - it's unreal the number of tourists and the staggering cost meals at local restaurants and cafes. Apparently, for these reasons the local population - rare guests at this beach.

Mackenzie Beach (Larnaka)

A fairly good beach, located near the airport of Larnaca. The shore is covered with gray-yellow sand, the entrance to the sea is fairly long and shallow. Mackenzie Beach will be a great option for families with children, who can safely leave in the sea for a distance of 20-30 meters from the shore. Among the available entertainment - a banana, a parachute, a water scooter and some others. You can have a snack in one of the local bars, restaurants or taverns, which serve simple but freshly prepared meals. If there is a desire, after bathing in sea water, you can go to the shower, this service, depending on the season, costs 0,5-1 euro. The main drawback of this beach is the sufficient noise caused by the take-offs and landing of aircraft at the nearby airport, but you eventually get used to it.

Governor `s Beach (Kalimnos)

This beach is located at 20 km from Limassol and is a picturesque picture of seascapes, the highlight of which is the contrast of dark sand and white cliffs framing the beach. In general, Governor's Beach essentially consists of 4 beaches, separated from each other by cliffs. It is not recommended to rest here with children, as they can easily get injured. But if your goal is a carefree lying in a chaise longue, then welcome to Governor's Beach. You can stop your leisurely leisure by visiting the beach restaurants. If there is a desire, then at your service hot dogs and other fast food, which offer mobile power points. As a minus one can cite only one thing: nearby there are cement plants that slightly spoil the local landscape.

Ladies Mile (Limassol)

Representing the beaches of Limassol, Ladies Mile is perhaps one of the longest - it stretches for almost 5 km. The shore cover is small-pebble, gradually turning into coarse-grained sand. In the neighborhood there is a salt lake, which during the summer dies out and becomes a kind of "freeway" for drivers who are not indifferent to fidelity. All along the beach you will find a lot of different restaurants, bars and pubs offering simple but very tasty dishes for every taste and prosperity. In the immediate vicinity of the beach is the seaport of Cyprus, and on the opposite side - the English military base of Akrotiri. If you are careful not to attract the attention of a military patrol, then you can get lucky and you will miss the training of military pilots or spetsnaz exercises. Fans of diving near the military base can find quite decent places for diving.

Ladies Mile is not very popular among tourists, usually locals and pensioners prefer to relax here. The beach has two drawbacks, and they are both significant: the first is a large number of passing trucks that leave behind dust clouds that do not go very well with a pleasant rest, and the second is nearby fish farms, from which the abundant smell of fish stern. Those who still chose this beach for recreation, we advise you to stay closer to the military base: here the sea is much cleaner, and the entrance to the sea at the expense of fine sand is more pleasant.

Shipwreck Beach (Limassol)

Studying the beaches of Limassol, you can immediately not pay attention to this option, since it is very difficult to get to Shipwreck Beach. But if you still decide to go there, your aspiration will be rewarded. Here you will find magnificent sea panoramas, and the main attraction of the beach is a ship that has run aground. Often near him you can see divers, for whom, because of the almost complete absence of other options for diving, this place is some sort of "vent". On the way to Shipwreck Beach, we recommend that you make a short stop and visit the Cat's Monastery of St. Nicholas of Myra.

Curium Beach (Kourion)

This beach can be called, perhaps, the best in Cyprus. Located near the village of Episkopi it, which is famous for its wine museum, and also near the ancient amphitheater and museum Curio. Shore coating - sand, followed by a very well tended. On the beach there are several restaurants and bars, which serves a delicious meal at quite tolerable prices. Heading Curium Beach, you might come across several farms where you can buy fragrant strawberries on Cyprus 6-6 euros per kilo.

Curium Beach - the most popular among locals and tourists have at their disposal a hire car. Even despite the fact that the weekend is here quite crowded hustle and bustle, which is in Ayia Napa, you will not find. Near the beach are clubs kitesurfers, paragliding and horse farm, where you can ride horses.

Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodita Hills)

Among all Cypriot beaches, this is probably the best known. According to legend, this beach on the shore of the sea waves came the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. It is believed that women who swim in this place will become younger, and men will gain unprecedented sexual power. If you have the opportunity, then instead of an excursion it is better to rent a car and go to this place yourself. So you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the "Stones of Aphrodite". However, you should be careful: the bottom of the sea in this place is uneven and stony, with large swings, so for your own safety, take care of buying special shoes. It is also not advisable to swim close to the stones, because you can get injured due to strong incoming waves. At Petra tou Romiou there is practically no tourist infrastructure, except a small shop, which can be accessed either through an underground tunnel or across the road. Here you can take a shower and have a bite, naturally, paying for it a considerable amount of money.

Lara Beach (Paphos)

The beach is located north of Paphos, on the Akamas Peninsula. Getting here is not easy, but if you did manage it, you will be rewarded unrealistically beautiful seascapes and landscapes green. In addition to fascinating species, you will have another surprise - familiarity with rare green turtles, who chose Lara Beach for their nesting. During the breeding season the turtles, and in the summer, the beach is closed, but it does not darkens the picture, as already there, what to see. Especially that swim because of the big waves and the abundance of algae in this place is not very nice.

Going on Lara Beach, please be a sufficient amount of fresh water, as there is no tourist infrastructure completely. Occasionally, though, here comes Mini Bus, serving hot sandwiches, salads and some other simple dishes at very affordable prices. If you go to the beach in a rented car, remember that the insurance on the car at this point does not work, so be careful.

Blue Lagoon, Lakki-Latchi (Polis)

In the vicinity of the town of Polis town located Laci that apart from the usual beach and still has a few unique bays. Despite the fact that access to them is possible only on a chartered yacht or boat (which, in itself, not a cheap) to visit this part of the Cyprus nature definitely worth. Getting here, you seem to cross the borders of Cyprus and move to a completely different part of the world. The nature of the beach is different from the traditional Cyprus: here are other landscapes, here is natural, wild sand, and not brought, here the water of pure turquoise color is so transparent that you can easily see in it quaint marine inhabitants, which, by the way, also differ from the classical "island ". From the shore all this beauty is framed by the greenery of the fragrant pine forest. Not far from the beach are the Baths of Aphrodite, who, too, are certainly worthy of your visit.

In short, Cyprus - a place where you can find a beach to their liking. Feel free to rent a car and head out on the road in search of paradise for your stay.

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