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Mobile telephony

We have repeatedly said that Cyprus - it's an amazing country in many ways. And yet another confirmation of this fact are the tariffs in force for mobile communication and Internet in Cyprus. Compared with Russian operators, the cost of mobile calls is negligible, that is good tourists who everywhere and all want to save.

Therefore, if you are planning to go to Cyprus, but do not think of his stay here without phone calls and internet, better forget about Russian cellular operators offering not to shamelessly high cost of calls within Russia but narovyaschih further enriched for either account by setting unrealistically high prices for roaming calls.

Mobile telephony in Cyprus

Want to save on mobile? Then go to the nearest periptera (kiosk) and buy there sim card from a local cell communication operators. It will cost you about 5-20 euros, depending on how much time you want to talk. Say at once that the duration of calls in Russia with this sum to the account can be up to three hours. As an added bonus, you can suggest 2-5 euros over the amount you spent on the bill, t-shirt cell communication operator or other nice gift. If you want to replenish the balance, just buy an extra card payment desired denomination and activate it - it takes less than a minute of your time. Still want to note that when you make a sim card you do not need to show a passport, fill out a pile of documents, sign contracts and to delve into any other paper-bureaucratic niceties. Just buy a SIM card, insert it into your mobile phone and enjoy socializing with your family and friends from any Russian city.

In Cyprus, you can buy a SIM card two operators cell communication about each of them tell you more.

Mobile telephony CYTA

CYTA mobile Cyprus

It is the largest cellular operator in Cyprus, covering almost the entire island, with the exception of Northern Cyprus. Rates of this operator loyal enough, judge for yourself:

      • Calls to local mobiles and landlines with mobile phone cost only 0,07663 euros per minute, this amount is already included all taxes;
      • Calls to mobiles and landlines in any Russian city will cost you 0,1260 euros per minute, with all taxes.


      Available for recharge card denomination 5, 10, 20 35 and euro.

      The only disadvantage of this operator - brief "life" sim card that is locked after 90 days "idle" even if your account has money. You can unlock it by personally visiting the company's office in Cyprus. Therefore it is better to leave empty closure due to their mobile phone and then get rid of the SIM card.

      MTN Mobile Communications

      MTN Cyprus

      The second operator by subscribers cell communication in Cyprus. His area of ​​coverage is almost the entire island, including some areas of Northern Cyprus. Moreover, this is the only operator working in networks 3G. The cost of calls to MTN network is also at an affordable level and is:

      • For local calls - 0,07 euros per minute;
      • Calls to any city in Russia on landlines - 0,1185 euros per minute, and even less on mobile - 0,0886 euro per minute.


      To update your account, you can buy a prepaid card denominated 5, 10 20 or euros.

      Contract from the Cypriot mobile operator MTNAs with the previous statement, in MTN SIM cards have the same disadvantage - through 90 days it will be locked if you do not make any calls during this period. Unlock it can only be in the office in Cyprus. Also, if during the holidays you want to hike in the mountains, better give up the services of this operator in favor of CYTA, as in the mountains bond MTN poor quality, and often lost coverage.

      The rooms, which will be useful:

      • Employees call emergency service - 112;
      • Background on hospitals - 1400;
      • Call an ambulance - 1442;
      • Call the police - 1460;
      • For Customer Service call to fight forest fires - 1407.

      Internet in Cyprus

      As in any other civilized country in Europe, Cyprus You can also use Internet services. You can connect to the service using one of the following types of access:

        • Classic Dial-up-connection - despite the fact that these technologies are already fading, Cyprus this kind of access to the Internet is still used more. The reason is quite banal - the simplicity of the connection if the apartment has a telephone socket, therefore, will be online, albeit at a slow speed.
        • Channels GPRS - this type of connection is available to all subscribers of mobile operator CYTA, the speed of receiving data in this case would be to 30 Kbps.
        • Connection through an access point Wi-Fi - usually in any large hotel has such access points, mostly in connection to them an additional charge, its size, you can learn at the hotel desk. There is also free Wi-Fi internet access in Cyprus, which is available, for example, the hotel Centrium, as well as some cafes and restaurants.
        • ADSL-connection - such access is better to issue in the case, if you intend to stay in Cyprus for a long time. Internet speed will be up to the operator Primetel 2 Mbps, and the cost will be no more 26 euros per month. At ADSL-connection Primetel has another advantage: with Internet access, you can connect a TV with no satellite dish and telephone, all of this together will cost you within 43 euros per month. A similar service, but with the speed to 1 Mbps and offers CYTA, the monthly payment this operator is 16,23 euros.

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