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10 best training in Cyprus

10 things to do in Cyprus. Find out where to see the home of the goddess of love and taste the wine of kings.

Museums and nature, the ruins of ancient cities and shipwrecks, Greek coffee and Turkish hammam - Skyscanner has made an interesting route for Cyprus and chose 10 things that absolutely have to do on the island of castles, beaches and offshore.

Learn what to do in Cyprus, in order not to spend your entire holiday by the pool, not knowing that across the street from the hotel are UNESCO sites, a place with a thousand-year history and unique attractions.

1. Go to a kafenion and hammam in Nicosia

The most interesting part of Nicosia - Cyprus Archaeological Museum, the exhibits of which can be traced all the rich history of the island. The exposure is small, but is laying down on a tour of at least 1,5-2 hours.

After the museum, go to the Büyük Han, Ottoman caravanserai of the XVI century, perfectly preserved to this day. In the cool shade of its galleries are now crowded souvenir shops and "kafenion" - tiny coffee shops, where there is a cup of strong coffee in a Cyprian, and maybe - even play a game of backgammon.

Another place that is not to be missed in Nicosia - Omeriye Hammam (Omeriye Hammam). The oldest and perhaps the most famous Turkish baths in Cyprus for a long time did not work, and only in May 2014 years again open to visitors.

2. See mouflon in the Troodos Mountains

Pine forests on the slopes of the Troodos mountains - a great place to escape from the sweltering heat of Cyprus. There is always cooler than on the coast, and the clean air saturated with the scent of pine needles. Many hiking trails, one of the most romantic - Calydon trail to the waterfalls near the town of Pano Platres. In these parts a lot of living creatures, and perhaps you will be lucky to see in their natural habitat of endemic local forests - cute Cypriot mouflon or "Agrinio".

The Troodos worth a visit, even if you will be walking lazily. There is just 10 UNESCO World Heritage Site - a tiny Orthodox churches scattered across the mountain villages. It will be interesting to see them all, but if forced to choose, to visit the Church of St. Nicholas under the roof in the village of Kakopetria and Kykkos monastery with the miraculous icon of the Virgin mosaic.

3. Dive to the wreck in Larnaca

If you dive a little bit curious, be sure to dive into the water off the coast of Larnaca, to examine the sunken Swedish ferry "Zenobia." The water in these areas is clear, visibility is excellent and the dive will be interesting to both beginners and professionals: the different compartments of the ship deck and you can explore at depths of up to 16 42 m.

Do not miss the main attractions and Larnaca Hala Sultan Tekke, the Church of St. Lazarus, where the relics of the Christian saint, and the old Larnaca Castle - small but perfectly preserved Turkish fortress with high walls, massive bastions and black guns.

4. Sunbathe on the beaches of Ayia Napa

One of the most popular resorts of Cyprus can boast 13 beaches "Blue Flag" - an international award for safety and cleanliness of bathing coast. In addition to excellent beaches in Ayia Napa Monastery is an interesting, nice water park Water World and a whole network of caves in the cliffs, which is the most interesting to get a rented buggy.

5. Admire the fountain of Protaras

The resort village of Protaras you can escape when you get tired of hustling and bustling nightlife of neighboring Ayia Napa and Paralimni. In quietness and comfort is, of course, a downside - besides the beaches of Protaras offers tourists not so much fun. Noteworthy: the oceanarium, golf Zorbing (tumbling inside a huge rubber ball) and "singing fountains» Magic Dancing Waters with romantic music, good light and a spectacular laser show.

6. Explore the castles of Limassol

In Limassol like romantics, history buffs and outdoor activities. Not far from the city have perfectly preserved amphitheater, the ruins of ancient temples and mosaics in the ancient Kourion. And in the Limassol you can explore two solid fortress: the medieval stronghold of the Knights Hospitallers Kolossi Limassol Castle and the Ottoman Empire.

Enough to ride on a buggy, twist turns on maps or play paintball can be a country club Sayious, and shelter from the heat of the Cyprus the most interesting in the water park Fasouri. If you have time, you can visit the zoo and good limasolsky visit a local shelter for donkeys.

7. Visit the home of the goddess of love in Paphos

Paphos is worth visiting if only to pompously photographed at the signs. As befits a decent city of Cyprus in Paphos has a well-preserved castle, two interesting monastery (Neophyte the Recluse and Chrysorrogiatissa) and pretty church (Panahi Chrysopolitissa).

Among the unique attractions of Paphos - Petra Tou Romiou, where according to legend was born the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, and the richest archaeological park with ancient Greek necropolis, the ruins of a Byzantine fortress and well-preserved mosaic floors Roman times.

8. Travel back to the Middle Ages in Kyrenia

Entrance to the harbor of Kyrenia - one of the most romantic places on the island - guarded Kyrenia Castle with its massive walls, which seemed to grow right out of the turquoise sea water. With its bastions seen another castle, the castle of Saint Hilarion, crowning the top of a high hill above the sea, offering stunning views of the surrounding area. But the main local attraction - the picturesque village of Bellapais with tiny houses on the narrow streets and the impressive ruins of the magnificent Gothic abbey of Bellapais.

9. See a ghost town in Famagusta

More 40 years ago, Famagusta was an elite resort. But now, after the Cyprus conflict, Quarter of Varosha, where once rested Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot, was referred to as a ghost town, and his abandoned hotel with broken windows and climb into the frame, recalling its former greatness . Varshoshe visit is worth at least to deeply feel the recent history of Cyprus.

10. Try the wine of kings

Cyprus wine Commandaria is considered the oldest in the world. It is made from white grapes and red Xynisteri Mavro-dried in the sun after harvest. According to legend, this sort of as the King liked Crusader Richard the Lionheart that at his own wedding he called it "the wine of kings and king of wines." To find out, was right there the king of England, it is possible to distilleries villages Commandaria province north of Limassol or just buying a couple of bottles St. John Commandaria in any store.

If you enter after tasting the taste, rent a car for a day and go to the wine tour Laona - Akamas. The scenic route starts in the foothills of the Troodos, passes through the winery (or "krasohorii" as they are called Cypriots) Drouseya, Frost, Pano Kato Arodes and ends in the beautiful Akamas National Park in the west of the island.

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