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Attractions in Cyprus

Trip to Cyprus can almost equate to a small world tour. This unique island preserved natural and architectural monuments of different eras and nations. So, here you can admire the ruins of the small settlements that have survived since the Stone Age; see Greek temples, monasteries, Byzantine, Roman theaters and Gothic cathedrals, stroll through the Venetian Fortress. Here intertwine different eras and times, culture and beliefs.

In each locality, in every town and around it, in small villages - there is much to see, to touch the local color, fill holiday lovely emotions and take away unforgettable memories and original souvenirs.

If you love nature, be sure to admire the natural attractions of Cyprus. For example, on the western coast of the peninsula Akamas is one of the untouched places. In Akamas, many Cypriot plants grow: orchis, rosemary, mint, mallow, spindle, sage, buckwheat, thyme, lupine. Here make useful and tasty honey from local plants. In the Paphos region there is a magnificent picturesque park and a zoo where you can meet giraffes, parrots, giant turtles, peacocks, pink flamingos. The salt lake of Aliki near Larnaka is a natural uniqueness. During the rainy season, the lake is filled with water, and many migratory birds winter here: black swans, white herons, pink flamingos.

Lovers of antiquity like the ancient settlements. You can go to the museum of antiquities Marion, where the history from the Neolithic to the present day. Peyia village, located in the mountains, offers tourists the ruins of the Basilica, as well as many well-preserved old buildings. You can go and Maa Palaokastro, where the first ancient Mycenaean settlement. In Kato Paphos Archaeological Park can spend an entire day by a huge area, and there is the old harbor, medieval castles, many tourists are attracted floor mosaic in the house of Dionysus.

Touch the ancient myths and legends can be, going to the Baths of Aphrodite, and get to the spring, while still nourishes the bay where in the shade of the fig trees rested goddess. In the houses of Theseus and Dionysus can admire a unique floor mosaics, preserved to this day. Many attractions include mention of Cyprus Aphrodite: so is the Temple of Aphrodite, built in the III century BC, and near the village of Kouklia is a stone marking the birthplace of Aphrodite, where she emerged from the sea foam.

In Cyprus, a lot of churches and temples, mosques, ancient monuments religion. In addition, you can go to various museums. Very interesting not only ethnographic and historical museums, but also an interesting wine museum, railway museum, museum jewelry, fishing harbor and many other attractions.

You will surely enjoy in Cyprus, as here you can relax at any time of year and in any region and bring vivid memories of traveling!

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