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Famagusta, Salamis and vicinity

You will go to the rising sun, to enjoy the fantastic sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters east of Cyprus. Visit Famagusta - city of contrasts, where next to the crowded historic center stretches area once took multiple tourists in their luxury hotels.

The tragic events 1974 years have turned this part of the city into a "dead" town, "ghost town", empty and deserted, surrounded by a high barbed wire. During the day you will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the progenitor of Famagusta - the ancient city of Salamis. This city will impress you with its powerful Venetian fortress walls, the famous tower of Othello, see the port of Famagusta Gate, walk along the narrow streets of the city, learn about the history of one of the most famous Gothic churches of Cyprus - the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, where the ceremony took place the coronation of the Kings of Cyprus . Today, this beautifully preserved temple - the current Muslim mosque La La Mustafa Pasha. You will have time to look into the local shops, enjoy oriental sweets, enjoy aromatic oriental coffee. As well as a dip in the azure waters of the coast of Salamis. Do not forget to bring your passport.

Estimated cost: Adults - 70 Euro, children - 40 Euro


The tour will be held on the territory of Northern Cyprus in the so-called TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), at the border of the disputed territories awaits passport control, be sure to bring your passport. Tourist stamp in the passport does not give, and give out a special form, which will be stamped and passport control. Seen impress you deeply, feel the contrast between the Greek and Turkish part of the island and thoughtful, not for nothing that the EU pulls the adoption of Turkey into its ranks.

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