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Coral Bay

Coral Bay - a chic, elegant and very popular resort near Paphos, whose position is the most picturesque, comfortable and impressive her naturalness in Cyprus. In addition, Coral Bay is still the best sandy beach in Paphos, as well as two of the most popular hotels in this part of the Mediterranean - «Coral Beach Resorts» 5 stars and «Thalassa» 5 + stars.

Coral Bay Attractions

Akamas Peninsula

One of the last unspoiled places on the coast of Cyprus is located on the west'll save the Akamas peninsula. The landscape is sometimes bare rocks and thickets of plants, including rare. Akamas Nature is truly unique. Especially rich diversity of flora - of 1500 plant species growing in Cyprus, almost half the increase here. This sage, mint, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, hyssop, thistle, euonymus, mallow, alfalfa, buckwheat, lupine and many  others. Including endemic, such as orchids. Honey, which is based on local plants make pollen the bees, is considered the most tasty and healthy in Cyprus.

With the Akamas peninsula, located in the north-western part of Cyprus, in 48 kilometers from Paphos, is associated with many ancient legends and mythological subjects. Legendary Homer once called it - "the fragrant island flowers."

Akamas - a unique place where nature is preserved in its original form. Flora and fauna of the peninsula is rich and varied, as Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three vegetation zones: Europe, Asia and Africa. Here there are: arbutus, wild plum, Royal Oak, green tree, oriental plane tree, myrtle tree, alder and others. From field and forest plants can be found: mountain flower and orchid, cyclamen and tulips, mountain lavender, as well as listed in the Red Book of pink-purple peonies.

Dwell on the peninsula 168 species of birds, among them - a rare griffon vulture and 20 reptile species. Also has majestic mouflon, pleases the eye varied colorful world of butterflies. For many years, work is underway to save the sea turtles that live in the area of ​​Akamas. From year to year in the Lara Beach dunes sail green (Chelonia midas) and ordinary (Caretta Caretta) turtles to here in a small cove postpone hundreds of thousands of eggs. In the district of Paphos there station incubator dedicated to the conservation and artificial breeding of sea turtles. Systematic work on the protection of reptiles, protect their habitat, especially breeding sites, food and hibernation.

Laon is located on the plateau of the three-kilometer gorge Avakas with its mysterious caves. Several years ago, at the depth of the Akamas forest 70 meters was discovered labyrinth, whose existence was known only to a few local shepherds, but did not dare to go down there because of its inaccessibility. The cave has two outputs that are now permanently closed precaution. To get inside the cave, you need to go through one of the moves, with a diameter of three meters and then crawl through the manhole tridtsatimetrovaya after which opens zigzag tunnel length of twenty meters, where people may already be in full growth. Overcoming still some distance, you get to the gallery with huge stalactites and stalagmites. It is home to thousands of bats. You can imagine the surprise of researchers, descended to a depth using special equipment when they found ancient pottery and copper arrowhead. How these items were in the cave, probably, so will never be able to learn, even though scientists hope to solve this riddle.

Cypriot researchers have long been interested in the origin of the name of the peninsula. It is believed that the word "Akamas" means "akavtos", ie, "non-combustible". In favor of this view is the fact that the famous Cypriot chronicler Leontios Machaira wrote about how the Saracens (so the Europeans called the Arab conquerors), repeatedly attacking the island, plundered and burned it. After one of these raids Cyprus was burned to ashes to ashes - there was only a mountain Akamas. Supporters of the other versions cited as evidence of his innocence word "akamat" that the Cyprus dialect means people Outback area. Picturesque scenery of the Akamas, fossilized shells, fragments of pottery vessels, reminiscent of existing settlements here in ancient times, gave rise to many legends.

History of the peninsula is closely linked to Greek mythology. For example, the myth of Theseus, the winning Cretan monster - the Minotaur with the help of the king's daughter Ariadne, one of the modified versions takes us to Cyprus. The ship on which Theseus escaped from Crete with his beloved Ariadne and her sister Phaedra persons rescued them from the monster, terrible storm came to the shores of Cyprus. Here the hero was forced to leave Ariadne, who was expecting a baby and could not continue with all the swimming. After some time Theseus returned her and bitterly learned that Ariadne died during childbirth.

Returning to his native Athens, where he was a king, Theseus married the sister of Ariadne, who gave him two sons. Many years later, one of them - Akamas, famous for his strength and agility, Theseus succeeded to the throne. People loved and honored his new king that raised him a monument in Athens. There is a hypothesis that the peninsula in ancient times was fairly advanced civilization, the center of which was Akamantida. But it should not yet been found.

Do not forget to bring your bathing suits, towels and mats, going to the Akamas. Sandy beaches and azure Akamas clean sea will not leave you indifferent.

Peyia village

This cozy picturesque mountain village has much to offer tourists. It is here that the ruins of early Christian basilicas period, the famous fountains. Village Tavern also will not leave anyone indifferent. The village itself is also of ethnographic interest due to the set-preserved old buildings.

Maa Palaokastro

This area is the first ancient Mycenaean settlements in the region is a small peninsula. Here you will find a small hall with a description of the settlements that were here the map of trade routes in the Mediterranean in ancient times.

A small museum at Maa-Paleokastro is located within the excavation Maa-Paleokastro. The museum was built by the architect 1989 Andrea Bruno and features original and unusual design. It is located in Coral Bay (Coral Bay), where approximately 1200 BC the first Mycenaean Greeks settled in Cyprus, who arrived here after the fall of the Mycenaean kingdoms in mainland Greece. The museum traces the history of colonization of the island by the Greeks. It created a small collection of artifacts, mainly copies, and selective educational information about the excavations.

The museum was created at the expense of the charity Foundation AG Leventis. Architect Andrea Bruno wanted it to be a "Museum of Nothing", a place for reflection memory. However, together with the Department of Antiquities, it was decided to combine the museum with a small exhibition, the exhibition which consists mainly of copies and educational documents that illustrate the theme of Mycenaean influence on the culture of Cyprus.

Working timeNovember - March: Daily: 08: 30 - 17: 00, April - October: 08: 00 - 18: 00.
Entrance fee: 1,71 euros.

Bird Park and Zoo Paphos

This picturesque park is both a zoo in the region of Paphos. Here you can take a walk with the whole family on the road inspecting various animals. Among the exotic you are sure to encounter giraffes and giant tortoises. This park is rightly called the Bird, because only here you can find so many different species of parrots, peacocks meet freely, to admire the white and pink flamingos. Cafes and a small ethnographic museum and will delight you and your family.

Cyprus is the only zoo in 15 km from Paphos. The park is located on the 100 000 sq.m in the natural environment. Park was formed on the basis of one of the world's most extensive private collection of birds Christos Christoforou. This unique park introduces visitors to one of the largest collection of birds (including exotic parrots, hornbills, toucans, eagles, owls, peacocks, ornamental pheasants, waterfowl), animals such as deer, antelope, gazelle, raccoons, giraffes, monkeys, reptiles, giant tortoises. The park aims to preserve the flora and fauna, and create conditions for the emergence of the offspring of birds and animals. The park conducted parrot show. The park is open to visitors all year round.

Snake park (terrarium)

A small piece of land filled with the most different types of snakes and other reptiles. Organized nearly enthusiasm today Reptile Park is very popular among tourists.

Church of St. George

A small church is located in an amazingly beautiful place. If you take a photo, you will get a church on the background of serene blue sky: it seems to be floating in the air. With extensive grounds around the church offers a beautiful view of the fishing harbor. The church is always open to visitors. You will be able to light a candle and pray, and no one you will not interfere with your communication directly from God.

Antique Basilica and the rock-cut tombs

The picturesque ruins and caves carved into the rock on which is built the church of St. George. These ruins make a truly lasting impression.

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