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Paphos - Curio

You poznakomimtes the history and legends of one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus. Heading in Paphos, made the first stop on a hill located in the ancient city-state of Curio and the world famous Greek-Roman amphitheater. After admiring the amazing view, go to the birthplace of Aphrodite.

You will be able to walk, take pictures and take a dip in the waters that bring youth and beauty. According to legend, this is where the Goddess of Love and Beauty emerged from the sea foam. The amazing story of the ancient capital of Cyprus will amaze you. The town is indeed listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. In "Kato Paphos" visit the catacombs of St. Solomon and pass by Saint Paul's Pillar. Then inspect the house of Dionysus - Roman villa with a superbly preserved floor mosaics, which tells the story of the heroes of Greek mythology. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to walk along the promenade in Paphos. On the way back, past the Basilica of St. Paraskevi (IX century), stop at the village of Yeroskipou, where you can taste and buy Cypriot sweets "Delight".

Typically, lunch is not included. Guest from Paphos tour ends at the port of Paphos.
Estimated cost: Adults - 40 Euro, children - 20 Euro


An interesting tour which covers the most tourist places - business card of Cyprus, which is in the hundreds of catalogs and encyclopedias. Do not forget your swim wear to swim in the bay, where Aphrodite came ashore. At this point, often hot flashes, if you're lucky, for 15-20 minutes can watch the beach partially disappear under sea water, and then the water is gone, as if nothing had happened. Amusing natural phenomenon. According to the tradition, which will tell you the guide, it is necessary to sail around the stone in 30-40 meters from the shore. Be careful not to swim up to him very close - wave can hit hard on the stone. Keep track of your things (sunglasses, phones, cameras) on the beach - they can "accidentally" blow the other tour groups. Shower on the beach there, but it is in a small shop near the site of parking for your bus, the cost of second procedure 30 1 about Euro. In a small cafe with a snack shop, travel prices (fruit salad 3-4 Euro, fruit juice - 3 Euro, ice cream - 5 Euro sandwiches - 8 Euro). Most interesting photos birthplace of Aphrodite obtained if the hill to take 50 meters left of the beach. From this point remove all reports travel channels, MTV videos and photos to make professional travel catalogs.

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