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Polis - a resort town on the northwest coast of the island of Cyprus. In the city itself and the surrounding area has many historical and natural attractions.

Among the most notable may be called the Akamas National Park and the famous baths of Aphrodite. However, it should be remembered that the list of interesting places in the region does not end there.

Attractions Polis

Akamas Peninsula

One of the last unspoiled places on the coast of Cyprus is located on the west'll save the Akamas peninsula. The landscape is sometimes bare rocks and thickets of plants, including rare. Akamas Nature is truly unique. Especially rich diversity of flora - of 1500 plant species growing in Cyprus, almost half the increase here. This sage, mint, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, hyssop, thistle, euonymus, mallow, alfalfa, buckwheat, lupine and many others. Including endemic, such as orchids. Honey, which is based on local plants make pollen the bees, is considered the most tasty and healthy in Cyprus.

With the Akamas peninsula, located in the north-western part of Cyprus, in 48 kilometers from Paphos, is associated with many ancient legends and mythological subjects. Legendary Homer once called it - "the fragrant island flowers."

Akamas - a unique place where nature is preserved in its original form. Flora and fauna of the peninsula is rich and varied, as Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three vegetation zones: Europe, Asia and Africa. Here there are: arbutus, wild plum, Royal Oak, green tree, oriental plane tree, myrtle tree, alder and others. From field and forest plants can be found: mountain flower and orchid, cyclamen and tulips, mountain lavender, as well as listed in the Red Book of pink-purple peonies.

On the peninsula, there are 168 species of birds, among which are the rare Vulture griffon, and 20 species of reptiles. Also there are majestic moufflons, pleases the eye with a diverse motley world of butterflies. For many years, work has been carried out to rescue sea turtles living in the Akamas region. From year to year, the green (Chelonia midas) and the common (Caretta Caretta) sea turtles come to the dunes of Lara Beach to lay hundreds of thousands of eggs in small coves here. In the Paphos area, there is an incubator station engaged in the conservation and artificial reproduction of sea turtles. A systematic work is being carried out to protect reptiles, to protect their habitats, especially breeding grounds, feeding and wintering.

On the plateau of Laon, there is a three-kilometer canyon Avakas with its mysterious caves. Several years ago in the forest of Akamas, at a depth of 70 meters, a labyrinth was discovered, of which only a few local shepherds knew, but they did not dare to go down there because of its inaccessibility. The cave has two exits, which are now permanently closed for precautionary reasons. To get inside the cave, you need to go through one of the moves, the diameter of which is three meters, and then creep along the thirty-meter-long hole, after which a zigzag tunnel opens, a length of twenty meters, where a person can already become fully grown. Having overcome some distance, you get to the gallery with huge stalactites and stalagmites. Thousands of bats live here. It is possible to imagine the surprise of researchers who descended to such a depth with the help of special equipment when they discovered an ancient pottery and a copper arrowhead. How these objects were in a cave, probably, it will never be possible to find out, although scientists hope to solve this riddle.

Cyprus researchers have long been interested in the origin of the name of the peninsula. It is assumed that the word "Akamas" means "akavtos", that is, "non-burning". In favor of this opinion speaks the fact that the well-known Cypriot chronicler Leontios Macheras wrote about how the Saracens (as the Europeans called the Arab conquerors), repeatedly attacking the island, robbed and burned it. After one such raid, Cyprus was burned to ashes - only Mount Akamas remained. Supporters of another version cite the word "akamat" as proof of their rightness, which in the dialect of Cyprus means an uninhabited area. Picturesque landscapes of Akamas, petrified shells, fragments of ceramic vessels, reminiscent of the settlements existing here in ancient times, gave birth to many legends and legends.

The history of the peninsula is closely connected with Greek mythology. For example, the myth, about Theseus, who defeated the Cretan beast - the Minotaur with the help of the royal daughter of Ariadne, in one of the changed variants takes us to Cyprus. The ship on which Theseus escaped from Crete with his beloved Ariadne, her sister Fedra and the people rescued from the monster, was struck by a terrible storm to the shores of Cyprus. Here the hero was forced to leave Ariadne, who was waiting for the child and could not continue swimming with everyone. After a while, Theseus returned after her and bitterly found out that Ariadne had died during childbirth.

Returning to his native Athens, where he was a king, Theseus married the sister of Ariadne, who gave him two sons. Many years later, one of them - Akamas, famous for his strength and agility, Theseus succeeded to the throne. People loved and honored his new king that raised him a monument in Athens. There is a hypothesis that the peninsula in ancient times was fairly advanced civilization, the center of which was Akamantida. But it should not yet been found.

Do not forget to bring your bathing suits, towels and mats, going to the Akamas. Sandy beaches and azure Akamas clean sea will not leave you indifferent.

Ancient settlement Marion

Museum of Marion-Arsinoe was built with the support of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus in 1998 year. The museum consists of three exhibition rooms: I, II, and "Atrium". Exhibits in the hall I, which is named after Nikos Shakolasa, arranged in chronological order, to better represent the city's history from the Neolithic to the present day.

Marion - one in ten of the city-states of ancient Cyprus. It was located in the northwest of the island in the Akamas region, near the modern town of Polis. Marion mention in his writings, Strabo and Pliny the Elder.

The city was founded in the VII century BC. e. and eventually much rich at the expense of the nearby mines of gold and copper. Marion has thrived because in these places mined copper - by Marion copper exported from the island. Marion served as an important trading port, where there was a large flow of metal and wood. Currently, in the same harbor is a modern port Laci, near which you can see the remains of the ancient port.

In 450 BC. e. the city was conquered by the Athenian commander Cimon during his campaign to Cyprus in order to establish the Athenian dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean. In 312 BC. e. Ptolemy I ruined Marion and in its place built a city Arsinoe, who later became Polis.

The first excavations in. this region have been carried out between the Swedish expedition 1927 and 1931 year. Then there excavated Department of Antiquities of Cyprus and to 1983 years there worked expedition from Princeton University.

Baths of Aphrodite

According to legend, the goddess Aphrodite loved to take his bath in the natural grotto bay in the shade of the fig trees. And now, walking through picturesque places, you can go to the spring, the supply bay. Nature trails Akamas nature lovers to acquaint with nothing comparable to the natural beauty of the peninsula.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Cyprus - Aphrodite's Baths in 48 km from Paphos, near Polis. polugrot small size at the base of the cliff, the bottom of which is due to natural springs and keys filled with water about knee. Above this kind of bathing inzhirovoe old hanging tree, clinging to the rock of its branches and forming a natural canopy.

According to legend, it was here for many, many centuries ago, the beautiful goddess Aphrodite was preparing for a date with her lover, the handsome Adonis. And I am taking a bath, enjoying the scent of eucalyptus. Of course, the water in her bathing saturated wonderful herbs, was an extraordinary and magical, and helped Aphrodite retain its incredible beauty ... According to legend, if you take a swim in these waters, you will gain eternal youth and beauty, but check it out, unfortunately, it will not work - bathing is prohibited.

But you can wander through the reserved places that surround the pool. There are two start walking tours, passing through which you can enjoy the beauty of the Cypriot nature.

One of the trails leads to 8-located in Fountain kilometers of Formosa (the Fountain of Love), on the edge of the Akamas peninsula. Walking along this path will bring you great pleasure of enjoying the incomparable scenery and pristine nature of the area.

A staircase leads down to the sea on a beautiful pebble beach. The sea in this place surprisingly warm, clean and calm. Beach wild, sun beds and umbrellas on it there, so grab a mat or towel, if you are thinking here sunbathe or just sit and enjoy the beautiful sea views.

Not far from the spa there is a tavern, as well as car parking.

Not far from the Baths of Aphrodite there is a tavern, as well as car parking.

The church of Agios Andronikos

It is interesting to look at the Church of Agios Andronikos of the XVI century, having a barrel vault, which was built in the center of the city. During the Ottoman period it was converted into a mosque, but then it was attached to the northern part and the wall paintings were covered with asbestos. Recently mural painting of the XVI century was liberated from the asbestos layer. Not far from the church - the church of Agia Kyriaki XVIII century.

Fishing harbor of Latchi

Just west of Polis is a small and very picturesque fishing port, Laci. Here you will find probably the best tavernas where you can try a variety of dishes of freshly caught fish.

The small fishing village of Latchi (Lahi, Latsi and Lucky) is in 2 km from the center of Polis.

Polis (Polis) - town with several thousand inhabitants in the north-west coast of Cyprus. The full name of the city, "Polis tis Chrysochous", "Chrysochou" means "gold." According to one version, the name associated with the copper that is produced here, on the other - in these parts really once was gold. Police attracts those who do not like crowded beaches and prefers to combine sunbathing on the beach with hiking on paved trails among the flowering meadows.

Laci - the perfect place for a relaxing holiday with your family. She is known throughout Cyprus for its picturesque harbor and seafood. In the past there was a small port transportation carob. Then the old stone warehouse converted into restaurants, fish taverns. Here you will find probably the best tavernas where you can try a variety of dishes of freshly caught fish. And fans of hiking, of course, will have great fun exploring the beautiful surroundings Laci.

Laci sandy beach, the sea is warm and clean. I loved the beach and the abundance of fish taverns where delicious feed - a good reason to visit Laci. There are excellent conditions for water sports.

The resorts of Polis and Latchi be boring for those looking for a lively night life, however, it is - the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. Laci is in 45 min. drive or hours 1. 15 min. by bus from the airport of Paphos.

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