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How to fly to Cyprus?

It is no secret that many people do not like long flights, and therefore the question "How much to fly ...?" Is very relevant when choosing a place of holiday.

In addition, the duration of the flight is very important for families who go on vacation with the kids. How many takes flight to Cyprus from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities?

Cyprus from Moscow

From Moscow to Cyprus can be reached by regular or charter flights.

Regular flights from Moscow to Cyprus (Larnaca Airport) exercise of "Aeroflot" and Cyprus Airways. Even in winter, planes fly every day, and in the summer the number of flights increased to several per day.

Both airlines are sent flying from the airport "Sheremetyevo". Flight Duration from Larnaca company "Aeroflot" is slightly more than 3 hours and «Cyprus Airlines» fly on 1 hour longer because they have no right to cross Turkish airspace. However, the cost of the ticket at the Russian airlines may be higher: in the summer period, the price of the ticket in economy class on a regular flight is from 200 euros one way, and in peak dates can reach up 1000 euros one way.

If you need to fly to Paphos airport, you can use the services of "Transaero", which provides flights from Domodedovo. The disadvantage of this carrier is quite frequent change flight schedule to Cyprus, as well as, in the opinion of tourists frequent delays in departure and arrival. Regular flights from Moscow to Paphos other airlines have not yet been implemented.

Larnaca Airport

Drive to Paphos from Larnaca Airport is easy. Transfer cost about 100 euros distance of about 150 km.

In the period from early May to late October from Moscow to Cyprus are charter flights. Usually, the ticket for the charter flight (costing up 250 400 euro "there - back") can only be purchased along with a complete vacation package purchased from one of the operators. Some tour operators carry out the sale of tickets for charter flights, but then they almost cost compared with the price of tickets for regular flights.

Cyprus from St. Petersburg

Regular flights from St. Petersburg to Cyprus made by the company "Russian Airlines" (Pulkovo). Duration of flight from St. Petersburg is about 3,5-4 hours. In the summer flights - daily, some days carried 2 flight to Larnaca. Ticket price in the "hot season" is from 350 euros in both directions. But because of the high load can be lifted in two or more times.

In winter, from St. Petersburg to Cyprus direct flights are carried out on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

On holiday period travel companies also are direct charter flights from St. Petersburg to Cyprus. Cost depends on charter flights and tour operator averages 200-300 euros in both directions.

Cyprus from Russian regions

Regions of Russia to Cyprus made only charter flights. Compared to Moscow and St. Petersburg cost charter flights slightly lower at around 200-300 euro "there - back."

Charter flights to Cyprus made of Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Samara, Ufa, Sochi, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. The flight from Kazan or Samara to Cyprus takes about 4-4,5 hours, and the flight to Larnaca from Yekaterinburg - about 8-9 hours.

If you want to buy a ticket on a charter flight to Cyprus, then please consult your airline or airport directly to the ticket office. If the tour operator fails to implement the planned number of treasury seats in the aircraft, he is willing to sell them without the compulsory purchase of the tour. However, this holiday season in Cyprus happens infrequently. Usually starting in May and ending with the end of October of the flights of all the cities, as well as hotels of the island crowded.

Should also be noted that although the charter flights are inherently more affordable in comparison with regular - docking - flights, you should use the Internet to compare the cost and resources. Sometimes the price of a flight to Cyprus scheduled flight may be less than the charter.

How you can save on a flight to Cyprus?

1. Early booking tickets to Cyprus

If you have already planned vacation date, you can make bookings tickets for six months prior to departure. Early booking airfare is reduced by 10-25%. In this case you will be able to choose from several options and not buy tickets at the last moment, on the basis of the principle of "just fly away."

2. Group flight

A number of airlines are willing to offer discounts for group travel. Therefore, if you are planning a vacation now (5-10 people), you can contact the office of the air carrier and clarify options for proposals. Hop on the group can save about 15-20% of the ticket price.

3. The presence of special events

This option can be used only if you have the opportunity to change the date of your vacation. Additionally, you should have left at least 2 months before departure. In this case, you can look for deals on flights, which are often very profitable.

4. Cyprus from Europe

In order to fly to Cyprus, optionally use the services of Russian airports. From Europe to Cyprus to get much easier than that of Russia. Most airlines offer loukosterov very competitive rates for flights to Cyprus. Such flights are from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and the UK, as well as some other countries.

Thus, the advantage of flights to Cyprus lies in their brevity (about 3-5 hours of the central regions of Russia) and the relatively low cost (compared, for example, with the cost of a charter flight to Bulgaria reaching season 500-600 euro as an adult and on the child).

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