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April in Cyprus

In early April, Cyprus may still be a little cool, but closer to the end of the month is getting warmer and warmer. The average maximum temperature in this month will be 21-23 ° C. In the mountains, the air warms up in the afternoon 15 ° C. The night will still cool - on the coast of the temperature will be 10-13 ° C, and in the mountains 6 ° C.

Sea water will slowly warm up and the temperature in April reaches 18 ° C. 5 possible rainy days, although precipitation will be quite a bit.

The afternoon can be walking in summer clothes, but for evening walks to stock up warm clothes.

Holidays in Cyprus in April

Tourism in Cyprus apreleAprel Cyprus is perfect for outdoor activities. Rough vegetation is gradually fading, approaching hot dry summers. Nevertheless, until the air while fresh and sea water is pretty cool actually, you can enjoy the last month of spring. Spring is quite formal, in fact already quite warm and the beaches more people were roasting in the sun.

1 April is National Day of Cyprus. In 1955 year started the way the island to independence from colonial England.

During Good Friday celebration and start various processions, which are then transformed into Easter celebrations in all corners of the island.

During a holiday in Cyprus in April, you can enjoy the music. In addition to traditional music Sundays visit Berengaria International Music Festival in Limassol and a two-week chamber music festival, held in Nicosia.

On the island there is always something to do and what to visit. You can alternate between active, for example, a bike ride to travel on trips. The closer the end of the month, the warmer it gets on the street and the more tourists come to the island.

Toward the end of the month are open almost all restaurants and cafes. Island awaits the influx of tourists. And in the village passes Polemi Tulip Festival. Beautiful and solemn spectacle.

A big plus holiday in Cyprus in April - an opportunity to buy a very cheap tour. Catch a ticket for a very reasonable price and rest a week on the island - what could be better? Is that two weeks holiday in Cyprus!

Deters some pretty cool night air temperature in April. If you sleep in the open air, it will be cold, but for evening walks can wear a warm sweater which is quite comfortable.

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