Today: February 20 2019
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December in Cyprus

Winter begins in December. Soft, quite warm, but winter. Despite the variability of the weather, it was the warmest winter in December month. Daytime temperatures reach 17-19 ° C, and at night the thermometer drops to 9-10 ° C. In the mountains in the afternoon will 8 ° C, and at night 3 ° C. Water temperature will be about 19 ° C.

December - the rainiest month of the year. That it represented a major rainfall.

Holidays in Cyprus in December

22-23 days in December in Cyprus will be sunny. Lot or a little - to judge you. Well when there is an opportunity to escape from the freezing and windy weather in the warm autumn. If you like golden foliage and cool air, the island this month, you will surely enjoy.

Alas, bathe in December for most people would be cool, although it is possible. On the other hand, this is the perfect time for a quiet relaxing holiday and travel excursions.

Toward the end of the month on the island begins preparation for the New Year. Start winter sales, which are especially numerous in the capital - Nicosia. Cypriots love to buy "branded" clothing, so it will be possible to buy things known brands.

If you find a Christmas and Yule, you'll see how to celebrate these holidays locals. The stores will be purchased turkeys, which are then served to the festive table, which will meet for the whole family. Cypriots love to eat, so be sure - the tables are literally burst with a huge variety of dishes. The houses will decorate Christmas trees and palm trees, which will be located next to the gifts.

In December, just before the New Year, come to Cyprus many tourists wishing to relax in a winter vacation. Great wine, delicious sweets, fine cheese, wonderful wood-fired meats and fish, relatively warm weather - all this plus the ambience of the closest people to create an atmosphere of real holiday.

You can not mess with the question "where to celebrate New Year" - Cyprus for this holiday fits just fine.

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