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March in Cyprus

Spring, which began their offensive in late February, spreading its wings in March. Cyprus at this time of year, every day is getting warmer, and less and less rain (possible 6 rainy days). Air temperature can reach 19-20 ° C during the day and 9-10 ° C at night. The mountains will be colder, but rarely below + 3 ° C. The sea temperature will be 17 ° C heat.

Bring warm clothes, but be prepared to take them off during the day. Do not forget the umbrella - it can be very handy.

Holidays in Cyprus in March

Holidays in Cyprus in March marteKipr literally blooms. It's a great time for outdoor activities, walks on foot, bike rides. Green fields, blooming flowers and a riot of colors everywhere. This time of year is there to get the charge of good mood, to escape from the slush and enjoy the spring.

In March, Cyprus celebrate Green Monday - a public holiday before the start of Lent. People go on picnics to enjoy vegetarian dishes and fly kites.

In Limassol conducted three-day festival of dance, which is called «Dance Platform», and all over the island are traditional musical Sunday.

If you do not know where to rest on March 8, then pay close attention to Cyprus. Here you are guaranteed to meet spring, flowers and bright sun. Buying a tour of the island of Aphrodite for the woman he loved you give her a good mood and the sea of ​​bright sunshine. Visit the tour, explore the history, enjoy the spectacular views.

Men will not be bored. In March, Cyprus held a rally in the spring of historic cars and Cyprus Rally - Round the World Rally Championship, a route which passes through the mountain villages.

In general, this month is rich in sporting events. In addition to the rally, held in the Troodos Mountains ski competitions, and will be held in Paphos, Cyprus Marathon, which runs on 3h distances - marathon, half-marathon and 10 kilometer.

Fans of the famous brands of clothing can visit Cyprus Fashion Week taking place in Nicosia. Cypriots love branded items, so Fashion Week in Cyprus is quite popular.

25 March celebrated Greek Independence Day (the national liberation revolution 1821 city against the Turks). Holiday booming all over Cyprus. It begins with a solemn procession, and then start the various competitions, and then begins to rattle the music and dance Greek dances.

In March, Cyprus festivals film. Festivals 2, one dedicated to documentaries, he is held in Nicosia and lasts 5 days. The second takes place in Limassol and Nicosia, on it are represented as auteur films and news of hire.

Do not know where to draw the spring school holidays? Embark on a vacation to Cyprus. In March, it's a great place for positive emotions after a long winter.

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