Today: February 19 2019
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November in Cyprus

Around the middle of November the weather worsened markedly. Number of rainy days can reach 6, and the temperature is getting lower and lower. On the average day, the thermometer shows 22-24 ° C, and at night 13-14 ° C. Cold in the mountains - there 13 ° C day and 6 ° C at night. The water is still quite warm - 21 ° C, but by the end of the month is getting colder and colder. Number of rainy days this month can reach 5.

Holidays in Cyprus in November

In November, Cyprus autumn comes. It is not the fall, to which many of us are accustomed to. Sometimes on the island at this time is set summer weather and can safely swim and sunbathe. Sorry, but at any moment it started to rain and the cold air come.

November - a great time for excursions. A trip to the Troodos autumn impress you the richness and variety of colors. You can enjoy not only the sights, but also fresh fruit, taste wine, honey and olive oil.

You can spend school holidays in Cyprus with their children, who would be interested to know many historical facts about the age-old times, to touch his hand to the ancient buildings and listen to the legends of the island.

Recreational activities are often visited Cyprus in November. No heat, you can enjoy cycling. By the way, on the island there are many special bike lanes and specially designed routes. This allows you to perfectly relax and keep fit.

Forest Rally on KipreImenno this month held extreme Forest Park Rally. Rally routes passes through the winding mountain roads and dangerous, has one of the highest degrees of complexity.

Honeymooners set comes in November in Cyprus in their honeymoon. They like peace, tranquility and beautiful scenery. The ideal time for a love of photography, memory. And really, unless you can find a place for lovers better than the island where the goddess of love Aphrodite was born?

Last month of autumn may be pleasantly surprised. This is a great time to relax, come and see for yourself.

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