Today: February 19 2019
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October in Cyprus

In October, beginning to be felt in Cyprus approach of autumn. Beginning of the month will please the warm weather, but towards the end is worth waiting for rain. Average daily temperature will be 27-28 ° C, and at night drop to 18 ° C. In the mountains in the afternoon will 20 ° C, and at night 11 ° C.

Sea in October in Cyprus is still warm - 24 ° C, so it is possible to swim.

In addition to a summer things worth grab a light jacket or a warm jacket.

Holidays in Cyprus in October

October in Cyprus - a "velvet" season. If Russia is ruled by autumn, here only summer ends. You can enjoy the warm sea and hot sun. At the end of the month begin to close taverns and water parks. Main stream of tourists passes and you can enjoy a quiet relaxing holiday.

Big plus holiday in Cyprus in October will be the price. Typically, prices for tours at this time of year are reduced, and in the shops, you can get a good discount.

Can not do without this month's holidays. 1 October is celebrated Independence Day Cyprus. He will be accompanied by a colorful military parade which will take place in the capital.

Another important event - Lemes. This is one of the largest international sporting competitions, conducted in Cyprus. During 10 days, athletes from different countries will compete in different disciplines (boxing, gymnastics, running, triathlon, shooting, cycling, etc.)

Do not forget to visit the tour. For example, calmly walk through Curio or streets of the old city of Nicosia is possible in October, when the temperature is quite comfortable. You will have a great opportunity to look at Cyprus and without fuss, thinner feel his charm and charisma.

This month you can buy at competitive prices delicious honey, olive oil and a variety of fruit.

In fact, not too many resorts boast excellent leisure facilities in October. Cyprus in this regard pleasant exception. The island is close, the minimum probability of rain, the water is comfortable, warm afternoon air, and at night is enough light cardigans. All this makes this place a great place for family vacations and romantic getaways.

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