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September in Cyprus

In September, Cyprus summer continues. Still hot and sunny. Daytime temperatures will be around 29-31 ° C, and at night 19-20 ° C. In the mountains in the afternoon will 24 ° C, and at night 15 ° C heat. The sea is very safe for swimming, the water temperature will be 26 ° C.

Weather in Cyprus in September is very comfortable, and evenings are still warm. This allows you to safely enjoy the departing summer. Being day in the sun should not relax and forget the sunscreen - the risk of burn is very large.

Holidays in Cyprus in September

September - a great time to travel to Cyprus. Heat decreases, the beaches become a bit freer, but everything else remains unchanged. Warm water, bright sun, lovely tavernas and wonderful opportunity to explore the island's attractions.

Holidays in Cyprus in September is quite diverse: water sports, excursions, beaches, water parks, a vibrant nightlife.

At the end of August the famous wine festival in Limassol, which began with the in 1961 year. 12 days of celebrations, during which the wine flows like water, live music and dancers prepare magnificent Cypriot dishes. This is a real treat for the whole family that you want to visit with children. While adults will be wine tasting, children can eat sweets, watch performances and frolic in the children's rides.

This month you can go on great excursions. For example, in the Troodos canter will allow you not only to see the famous monasteries, but to move from a coastal hot summer to the beginning of autumn in the mountains. There can also be dishes prepared according to old recipes and buy goods produced in monasteries.

What else should pay attention to Cyprus in September?

Kypria - International Arts Festival, which takes place by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus 1991 year.

City Festival in Nicosia, more precisely in the park Tripoli, during which you can look at the work of graphic designers, sculptors, painters

Festival of Ayia Napa. 3 days will not subside music and dancing, putting on display the fruits of the work of artisans and artists, and of course, will be cooked many delicious traditional dishes.

Ice Cream Festival in Nicosia will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. It is strongly recommended to visit a true ice cream lovers!

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