Today: February 20 2019
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January in Cyprus

January is probably one of the coldest months in Cyprus. Afternoon, the thermometer can show 7-6 ° C, and in some areas reach 5 ° C. The average maximum temperature is about 16-18 ° C. In the Troodos Mountains is snowing and the temperature can drop below 0 ° C. But the water temperature in the Mediterranean will be about 16 ° C.

In January in Cyprus, there are about 8 days during which precipitation may fall, although in the mountains the snow can go more often. So, going to rest on the island this time of year you need to stock up on warm clothes, preferably waterproof.

Holidays in Cyprus in January

During the winter holidays, many are asking, "Where to Go for New Year." Someone chooses a nearby boarding house, someone is going to Turkey, Egypt, someone goes to Europe or Asia. We believe that the new year - a family holiday and to celebrate it is necessary in an environment as close to home. Aphrodite's Island is most suitable for the definition of "home." Everything is close, everything is clean, everything is neat, all in the family.

Tourism in Cyprus in January - pink flamingo January in Cyprus can celebrate one of the most important holidays - New Year's Eve. On the island dress up Christmas tree, gifts daryatsya, hosts concerts, etc. Celebrations go on a grand scale. 1 January holiday special cake baked Vasilopitta, which put a coin. It is believed that to whom it will fall, that will have good luck in the coming year.

6 Day is celebrated in January Baptism of Christ. People gather in churches, light water and drive home from evil spirits.

Holidays in Cyprus in January shopping lovers. At this time, go Christmas sales, during which you can buy great things from the collections of the year to the lowest prices.

Musical Sundays thundering across the island and delight the tourists. Limassol passes New International Regatta.
Most of January in Cyprus the sun will shine. This is a great time to explore Cyprus. Try the most useful New Year's holiday. Embark on a trip to Larnaca. Great salt lake dries up in the summer, this time of year is filled with water and it returned its inhabitants - the pink flamingos.

In Russia, New Year's celebration is often associated with mandarins. It was in January in Cyprus keep up with the new crop. You can visit the tangerine orchards, look at the harvest, a breath of air and a delicious fresh juice.

This month on the island a few tourists, so you can safely walk on excursions to visit the most beautiful places and enjoy the quiet beauty of Cyprus. Recreational activities also can have a great time, for example, skiing in the mountains. You can still rent a bike or just run along the sea. By the way, despite the relatively cool weather should be more careful with sunbathing - without special cream and you can get burnt.

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