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Legal right to the beach ...

Each year, in the midst of the bathing season on the beaches of Cyprus unfolds real "war" between those who rent chairs and umbrellas, beach and other guests who are trying to establish their own umbrellas and sunbathing on a towel.

Often Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has to act as an arbitrator in situations where one or the other party applies to official complaints. Most vacationers complain too "populous" beaches. Meanwhile, according to the law for each set of "umbrella plus two sunbeds" must be removed 16 m2, and the distance between such sets must be at least m 2 Moreover, umbrellas and lounge chairs must occupy only 50% of the total territory of the beach, the area is specified in the special plane during its arrangement. Thus, the beach area 160 m2 by law can not have more than five pairs of "umbrella plus two lounge chairs" as 80 m2 beach must be left blank.

And is a violation of the levy for rent above the beach "accessories" without providing the vacationer receipt. In addition, those who take to the beach portable refrigerator, it is worth remembering that it is not forbidden to put on the sand (not loungers), despite numerous comments from the Governing beaches.

If you notice on the beach vacationer connected sunbeds for staying on which payment is taken, it is a clear violation. In addition, the first row of umbrellas and sunbeds should be installed at least 3 m of water.

Complaints from the public considers the CAT, which can transmit their local administration or Management Committee beaches (Επιτροπή Παραλιών) if the offender is not cooperating with the authorities. For example, in case of detection of illegal buildings on the beach, the prefect (έπαρχος) authorized to provide guidance to ensure that buildings were demolished.


To use umbrellas and sunbeds CAT established ceiling 2,5 euros for each of these items. If at any beach you are trying to get to pay more, it is necessary to inform the CAT or the municipality in whose territory is situated the beach. By the way, hotels, in which there are beaches, are entitled to take with visitors even 10 euro for umbrella / beach chair, as this coastal area is considered private property.

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