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10 sayings of the Athonite ascetics about the purity of the heart

10 sayings of the Athonite ascetics about the purity of the heart

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The purity of the heart makes a person able to see God (Matthew 5, 8). It is the prerequisite of the sanctity and likeness of man to God. "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew the spirit of the rights in my womb" (Psalm 50,12), - we pray every day.

Editorial portal "Russian Athos" picked up ten sayings Athos ascetics about the meaning and significance of the purity of the heart.

1. The heart must be purified. We must acquire sincere purity-that is, sincerity, honesty, non-self-interest, humility, kindness, mildness, sacrifice. Thus, a person comes into relationship with God and God's Grace rest in it. If a person has bodily purity, but there is no purity of the soul, God does not rest in it, because in such a person there lives slyness, pride, anger and similar passions. His life is one sheer deception. Start your feat with this - with the effort to gain mental cleanness.

The Monk Paisius of the Holy Trinity

2. In order for the mind and heart to be purified, one should not accept the evil thoughts that the tangalashka brings him, and he himself must not think wickedly. One should always try to include in the work a good intention, not to be seduced with ease [by other people's shortcomings], but to look at the misdeeds of others with condescension and love. When good thoughts are multiplied, the soul of a person is purified, he behaves with reverence and is pacified. The life of such a person becomes Paradise. Otherwise, the person looks at everything with suspicion and his life turns into an infernal flour. He himself makes his life hell. ... our heart is pure when we do not allow evil thoughts about others to pass through our minds.

The Monk Paisius of the Holy Trinity

3. "How is it possible to keep your mind clean?" Asked the monk. "The Holy Fathers left us the doctrine of a cleverly-hearted prayer: it keeps the mind; and I see no other way that would give the best opportunity at all to keep the commandments of God. "

The Monk Silouan of Athos

4. Humble "God resists the proud, he gives grace to the humble" (1Petr. 5, 5; Mt. 23, 12). Grace is Him, God, life, and He gives His life to those who seek after His likeness. "He who lowers himself, he will be exalted" (Mt. 23, 12). By virtue of this, the principle of our asceticism is a movement towards self-control, an "infinitely" small, and not a proud journey to self-exaltation. Our path is the path of an apophatic feat through our "exhaustion" in following Christ, who exhausted Himself even before the death of the Cross (cf. Phil. 2: 5-9). The deeper we go "down", the more radically we are cleared of the consequences of the proud fall of our forefather Adam. And when our heart becomes pure (Mt. 5, 8), then the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit dwell in us, and we are introduced into the unshakable reality of God's Kingdom, where the inscrutable grandeur is merged with the humility and meekness corresponding to him.

Archimandrite Sofroniy (Sakharov)

5. We need purification: our soul needs to acquire virtues, characteristic signs of sonship, kinship to Heavenly Father. Otherwise, if they do not exist, the soul is imprinted with the signs of the devil. As far as possible, we will purify ourselves, put our thoughts in order, which are the cause of our falling away from the Grace of God.

Archimandrite Ephraim (Moraitis)

6. Through a difficult life, through our spiritual deeds we enter into a warm, clever and spiritual purity, because of sorrows, precarious spiritual and bodily virtues: greed, thirst, vigil and others, the heart is purified ...

The Monk Paisii Velichkovsky

7. Penitential prayer helps to purify the heart of thoughts, desires and passions, and the Lord gives us a new life - a spiritual imperishable heart.

Monk Simeon of Athos

8. The life and prayer of one who strives and keeps his body pure and his mind not unclean with unclean thoughts, like a fragrant incense, goes back to heaven.

Elder Joseph Hesychast

9. That Christ should show himself to us within us, when we call Him in prayer Lord Jesus Christ, Our heart must be pure, free from any kind of hindrance, free from hatred, selfishness, anger. It is necessary that we love Him, and He - us.

The Monk Porphyry Kavsokalivit

10. The place of purity is attitude. Unclear? Do you want cleanliness? She is in her place ... When all uncleanness is visible and the urge to it is felt, the attitude to all such completely-negative preserves the purity of the heart. This is marvelous: with the presence and proximity of the unclean, when sensed, his attitude of the heart (negative) puts a person above everything else unclean, into an area of ​​purity!

Hieroschemamon Seraphim of Carul

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