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10 manuals prp. Makarii the Great about patience in trials

10 manuals prp. Makarii the Great about patience in trials

Tags: Religion, Christianity

1 February The Church honors the memory of the Monk Makarios the Great, one of the greatest fathers of the Ancient Church. The saint combined the path of solitude and silence with fatherly concern for the brethren, supporting them with prayer, personal example and profound wisdom.

The editors of the portal "Russian Athos" picked up ten sayings the Monk Macarius Great about the sorrows and trials that are inevitably present in the life of a Christian.

1. As an infant can neither sow, nor build, nor plant, so the souls are untested.

2. The one who is benevolent to God, who hopes to become faithful with Christ's co-heir (Rom. 8: 17) and who tries to imitate the Lord in order to be called the spiritual son of God, must first of all endure with patience and perseverance, courageously endure various tribulations, persecution, whether it be bodily illness or suffering, or human vilification and insults, or various invisible burdens sent to the soul from evil spirits who want to enter it into relaxation, despair and impatience, and thereby prevent it from entering the Kingdom, according to the dispensation of the Lord.

3. As you begin to search for God, you will begin to suffer, for you must struggle with your nature and mores, ... for some secret and subtle power of darkness is revealed in the heart.

4. The soul can resist evil, but can not overcome or uproot it without God.

5. Quite a lot of people want to be honored by the Kingdom without any trouble, without feats, without shedding sweat, but this is impossible.

6. It is necessary that the mind and the inner man be noble, the heart must have courage, reason and will - courageous and worthy, so that man took up arms of battle and went boldly into battle, and was courageous and fought; so that he had a cheerful and approved mind. And all this is done in the inner man.

7. Tribulations and trials serve the benefit of man and make the soul tested and firm, if with dignity and determination, with hope and trust in God endures mischief, with unbidden faith, waiting for deliverance from the Lord and his mercy. And it is impossible for her not to receive the promised Spirit (Gal. 3: 14) and deliverance from evil passions, if only she, experienced and faithful, will be persevered with great patience until the end in the hope of the Lord.

8. Temptations and trials, carried with courage, clearly show love for the Lord.

9. How the holy martyrs underwent in the visible world many tortures and, going even to death, through their hope for the Lord remained in a good confession, showed their reliability and for that they were awarded the crown of truth (1Time.6: 12-13; 2Time.4: 8 ), ... likewise in the same way, the souls, tested in trials for sorrows and invisibly differently tormented by spirits, whether secretly inside by painful embarrassments or deceitful thoughts, whether they are obviously bodily suffering, having endured courageously, being strengthened in hope and waiting with the faith of the Lord's reward, are awarded the same crown of truth and, already here perceiving redemption, on the day of judgment receive in God equal freedom with martyrs.

10. Those who love Christ manifest themselves in this, that they bear with dignity and determination all the troubles that come upon them.

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