Today: 23 September 2018
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13 thousand pupils in Cyprus have the right to free meals

13 thousand pupils in Cyprus have the right to free meals

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This year, almost 13 thousand students of public schools of all levels receive free breakfasts as part of the program of the Ministry of Education to help low-income families. Register to participate in it until October 5.

This is the sixth year of the implementation of such a scheme. At the beginning of the first year - 2012-th - free meals received 8 278 students, but by the end of the year their number increased to 10 500 people. In the next two years, they became even more: 13 317 people. in 2013 and 13 560 people in 2014.

Later, more stringent criteria were introduced, and the number of those who had the right to participate in the program was reduced to 12 761 people, but in 2016, 600 schoolchildren were added to them. It is expected that in this academic year they will be about the same as in the past.

Each breakfast - usually a sandwich or another, approved in the program, snack - costs the state 1 euro for junior students and 1,20 euro for middle and high school students. This year the program is funded jointly with the EU.

Each school has a special commission that selects students for participation. As a rule, those children whose families receive benefits, for example, under the scheme of guaranteed minimum income, etc., also have the right to free food. In addition, the program for providing free meals applies to children, one (or both) whose parent is unemployed, children from single-parent families and from families where there is a foster child, large families and some others.

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