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2018 Winter Olympics to become the coldest in history

2018 Winter Olympics to become the coldest in history

This year's competition will welcome the athletes from all over the world. The several venues will be hosted as many as 15 disciplines. The county to host the formalities is known for being the highest site with its Taebaek mountains. With the expected minimum of -13 ° C, 35.000 visitors will have certain inconveniences.

This year's opening ceremony is planned in the hilly north-eastern county and this stands as a matter of great concern for the event planners and management. The press reports that the main symbol of the upcoming event, the $ 58 million Olympic Arena, is roofless and there is no central heating. The officials considered it to be profitable. With the previous competition in Sochi, criticized for having the above-zero temperatures, the event of this year is likely to break all the records. Until now, the lowest temperatures have been recorded during the games in Norway (1994).

However, the authorities doubled down on efforts to secure the spectators of the event. Each visitor will get warmers, plaid blankets and raincoats. The increasing concerns over the chilly weather also urged the planners to extend the walls of the arena with a special shield in order to stem the floods of winds. According to management, portable gas heating systems will be scattered all over the location.

As reported by www.stakers.com, 102 events in 15 disciplines and 7 sports will be hosted by Korea for 2 weeks from February 9-25.

It is noteworthy that Cyprus took part in 9 Summer Games and 10 Winter Games. The forthcoming games will become the 11th for Cyprus in almost 40 years. Pavlos Kontides was the last winner from Cyprus. He made his utmost to secure a silver medal in sailing during London's Olympics in 2012.

Let us recall that Dinos Lefkaritis, the mountain skier, will represent Cyprus in the games of this year. The Larnaca-born athlete took interest in skiing at the age of five. He is now studying at Bates College in Lewiston. He has been the member of the Cyprian team since 2008. Unfortunately, he missed the previous games in Sochi due to the injury, yet he managed to win a silver medal in Montenegro in 2017. Stakers.com informs that the athlete will take part in the giant slalom category (Feb. 18) and in the slalom (Feb. 22).

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