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"And the answer for all Damascus"

"And the answer for all Damascus"

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Moscow has made to the UN Security Council a draft resolution on Syria in opposition to the "western".

The project aims to bring together in the fight against terror, while the western variant was an ultimatum to the government forces, demanding in 15-day period to skip all the besieged cities of the column with food and medicines. According to experts, the terms of such resolution and allow it to disrupt the insurgents, although still have to respond to Damascus.

The fact that Russia presented its counter-humanitarian resolution in Syria, said on Thursday, the press secretary of its permanent missions to the world organization Alexei Zaitsev. However, the project has not yet become public.

Recall a similar document on Syria on Tuesday introduced in Australia, Jordan and Luxembourg, it strongly supported the United Kingdom, the United States and France. And their version immediately leaked to the press. The purpose of such a leak, as noted in response to Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, - an attempt to put pressure on Russia and China. The minister said, "it's such a dvuhhodovki, which is easily calculated." The project Lavrov called "detached from reality."

The Western version contains a threat of sanctions against those who obstruct the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The text is set 15-day period to complete a list of requirements, which include the termination of "all forms of violence," violations of international law, including aerial bombardments of inhabited areas and attacks on humanitarian workers, as well as the lifting of the blockade of cities.

"The main obstacle to the Security Council"

Immediately after the publication of its draft emotionally supported by Western politicians and commentators. Speaking with his French counterpart, Francois Hollande, Barack Obama said about the access of humanitarian workers in Syria says "great unanimity" among the countries - members of the Security Council, however, with the exception of Russia, told Voice of America.

"Secretary John Kerry and others were sent to Russia is absolutely clear statement that they can not claim that concerned about the fate of the Syrian people. People are hungry, and do not blame them, as representatives of Russia, which block such resolutions! "- Said the president. Obama warned that the United States retain the right to conduct a military operation in Syria.

Praised the project and the Syrian opposition. "We call on Russia not to block a vote on the humanitarian aspects - Itar-Tass representative of the National Coalition opposition and revolutionary forces (NKORS) Louay Safi. - The humanitarian situation in Syria requires appropriate solutions. "

Former UN Deputy Secretary General and former member of the British government Melloh Mark Brown made the same day to an article in the journal Foreign Policy, recalling that the Russian Foreign Ministry has proposed to establish a truce in Sochi, while there is the Olympics.

"Now, however, Putin's government - the main obstacle to the UN Security Council. It blocks a resolution that would have embodied in the life of these high ideals, "- wrote Melloh-Brown. According to him, the Syrians are dying of hunger, lack of medicine and health care in cities besieged by government forces. "In fact, the government sentenced his people to disease and even death," - said the politician.

Melloh Brown acknowledged that the rebels and the Shiite city block and deny the population there to deliver humanitarian aid. "Radical Islamists threaten humanitarian workers and block the delivery of aid to the besieged areas. It is not very concerned about the Gulf countries, which are believed to be funded by these groups, "- he writes. "And yet, in the termination of these war crimes, the key word is in Russia - a key patron of Syria," - concludes Melloh-Brown.

"And all shall be responsible for Damascus"

Arabist, doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Diplomatic Academy of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alexander Vavilov called one-sided western version of the resolution. "It shifts the blame on the government of Syria. Terms of the resolution presented to Damascus, did not exclude the possibility that they will break the first opposition, and must respond to Damascus again, "- said the newspaper VIEW Vavilov.

"The resolution does not undermine humanitarian efforts, for example, Russia - because we have no ban to help Syrians. However, it rejects any possibility of political dialogue, which we have so long sought, when they came to the talks on Syria in Geneva. But this is important in solving the Syrian conflict! "- He recalled. By assumption, the Vavilov, the essence of the Russian project - to join forces against the common enemy - terrorism - and forget all the old contradictions.

He added that Russia is, of course, agrees with the need of humanitarian aid, which is also spelled out in the document. "However, one using the conflict is not solved. And no military way to solve it is not. It is necessary to continue the negotiations, the more that the regime is on the partnership, confirmation - started export of chemical weapons from Syria, "- said the analyst.

Also recalled the source, the Syrian government agreed and extended for three days in the besieged city of Homs permission to supply humanitarian aid. Of the city had already taken 800 people. "But when a steady flow of humanitarian aid to Homs, the guards repeatedly shelled opposition fighters provocateurs. Five people were killed, 20 wounded "- reminded Vavilov.

"In order to scare and push"

"Russian scares wording that if during 15 days will not be carried out the necessary requirements for the delivery of humanitarian aid or the more will its failures, the UN Security Council has the right to take action. Somehow, Russia considers it a cause for military intervention, "- said the newspaper VIEW emissary of the Syrian opposition in Moscow, President of the National Council of" Damascus Declaration "abroad Mahmoud Hamza.

"The UN knows that the regime will not fulfill any requirements for the local population, for them, people do not mean anything, so add this item to scare and to put pressure on him," - explained Hamza.

Release Hamza, namely representatives of government forces shelled the UN humanitarian convoy in Homs. "Yes, the regular army of compromised and dropped them. However, there are local committees of people's protection, which are sponsored by the government, and there is a puppet groups working for the money on the security services in Syria. Here they and fired a humanitarian convoy. "

According to Vavilov, Western politicians, including Melloh Brown deliberately distort reality. Russia insists that the precedent of humanitarian aid, including from Russia, has spread to other cities, our embassy in Damascus every day deals with the delivery of such assistance.

"However, we can not solve Syrian conflict alone, and therefore affirm the resolution on the joint efforts. Also, I was surprised by the position of Barack Obama. After meeting with Francois Hollande, he spoke again, it was Syrian troops shelled a convoy, this bloody regime to blame for everything, we say, ready to strike again, a feeling that did not work when the negotiations on chemical weapons, they decided to put pressure on Syria with the help of humanitarian aid! "- said the expert.

As noted earlier, Sergei Lavrov, "there is an impression that the subject is now a humanitarian as well as not so long ago, the subject of chemical weapons, try to use in order to find an excuse to undermine the political process, the prosecution throughout the regime in Damascus and create pretexts for to return to the military scenario for regime change. "

His deputy Gatilov added that Russia is counting on the support of other members of the Security Council, particularly China. "The Chinese share our approach, and it is hoped that some other members of the Security Council too will objectively assess the situation," - he said.

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