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09.05.2017 - 04: 32

Abbas at the White House. Trump promptly taken for the solution of the Palestinian-Israeli problem

3 May, US President at the White House hosted Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. 22 May Donald Trump is going to the first state visit to Israel; notably his desire to break the deadlock is one of the most complex and long-standing international conflict - the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Virtually every American administration was marked by its own initiative to the Middle East, but success is not achieved neither. Apparently, it was the turn of the new owner and the White House to send its outstanding pressure on this explosive field. In the context of the many failures of President - a risky step. It is easy in fact completely ruin a reputation. However much of a choice he does not, for to try to get out of the quagmire in the Middle East, does not unleash a major conflict-node, it is impossible.

In the election campaign, Trump is not particularly bother to bows at Palestinians demonstrating, first of all, their sympathy for Israel. The reason for this, of course, the possibility of the latter to influence American public opinion. However, being pragmatic, responsive to new circumstances, Trump understands that excessively accented one-sided orientation of the US frustrate any steps to resolve this conflict. Hence demonstrative readiness Trump have supposedly impartial mediation.

Much credit for organizing the visit of Abbas to the United States belongs to go there in early April and met with Trump Egyptian President Sisi and Jordanian King Abdullah II. First, they convinced the US leader that it is impossible to win over the Arab-Muslim world, demonstrating openly pro-Israeli views and ignoring the Palestinians. Then, at the end of April, just before the leaving for America, Abbas visited Cairo and Amman, where he received a "detailed instructions" about how to behave with preferably not always predictable Trump. It is no secret that even among members of the Palestinian leadership has contacts with opponents of US President because of statements he made earlier. Senior Egyptian and Jordanian sides Abbas convinced him that to go and bring the Palestinian position immediately before Trump, who, in spite of everything, "knows how to listen," still need. The value of Jordan and Egypt as the chief conductor of the Palestinians' interests in America is that they are the closest "moderate" Washington's allies in the Arab world. At the same time they have peace agreements with Israel and the border with Palestine. At the same time, it is Cairo and Amman were initiated quite tough resolution on the Palestinian issue, the Arab League Summit held on March 29. In it, in particular, stated about the unacceptability of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (the intention to implement such a move said Trump).

It should be recognized that the Palestinian leader as he could, with its mission to the United States coped. This was stimulated by the fact that on the eve of his meeting with the US a favorable intra background was created. For the first time during its existence, Hamas announced its readiness to recognize the borders of 1967 years, meaning and recognition of the statehood of Israel. Thus Abbas at some point do not hesitate to enter against the ruling Hamas in the Gaza Strip economic sanctions. It became known about serious prospects for achieving reconciliation in the near time between Fatah and Hamas. This, of course, increased the weight on Abbas held talks. Even Israeli experts, such as browser information and analytical portal NRG Asaf Gabor surprised "exceptional ability" Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to "political survival". It is compared in this respect with the "longevity" of the Israeli political scene, Shimon Peres. Held a meeting at the White House with US President sees another example of the talent of Abbas in the political sphere. American plans to achieve a comprehensive deal between Israel and the moderate Arab countries by resolving the Palestinian problem, "Abbas once again turned into one of the central figures of the Middle East game." Palestinian leader actively seized the opportunity given to him to once again read out the demands of his people and to show that they are in strict accordance with the well-known resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Trump, for their part, substantially nothing is formulated, it is only announced his "solid" pursuit of "final solution" of the Palestinian-Israeli problem, not to specify a single paragraph of the future "grand bargain." Particularly alarming is that the US president is almost abandoned the thesis about "two states for two peoples." After all, the whole philosophy of the peace process based on this position. Alternatives to it are unreal and can only lead to new turmoil in the Middle East. Thus, Palestinian leaders have already stated that if the international support for the establishment of

A source: Strategic Culture Foundation

Author: Dmitry MININ

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