Today: November 13 2018
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ABC: Bulgaria warns Europe about the "Syrian scenario" in the Balkans

ABC: Bulgaria warns Europe about the "Syrian scenario" in the Balkans

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If the EU does not send a "clear message" to countries in the west of the Balkan Peninsula that they still have prospects of joining the European Union, then a "scenario like the Syrian" scenario may emerge in the region. This, according to the Spanish newspaper ABC, said the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov. "If we leave them alone, we will collect bitter fruits," he stressed.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov warned of the risks of instability in the Balkans and that this region could turn into a new Syria. According to him, risks can arise in the west of the Balkan Peninsula in the event that the EU does not confirm that the countries of this region still have prospects to join the European Union, the Spanish newspaper ABC reports.

In the first half of the year 2018 Bulgaria, as the newspaper notes, presides over the Council of the European Union. And Borisov promised to work on the possibility that the EU partners agreed to send a "clear message" to the Balkan countries on the issue of membership in the European Union, otherwise, he warned, "we can see a scenario like the Syrian one."

"If we leave them alone, we will collect bitter fruits", - he stressed.

Borisov also recommended to defuse strained relations with Turkey, with which Bulgaria has a common border section.

"During the Warsaw Pact, there were 120 thousand people in the Bulgarian army. Their goal was to contain a possible attack on Turkey four days before the Soviet troops approached. While we do not change the European military doctrine, I prefer to get along with the Turks ", - stressed the Bulgarian prime minister.

At the same time, as the newspaper notes, Borisov did not begin to voice his opinion on the possibilities of Turkey's accession to the EU, as this idea is increasingly rejected in the European Union.

The Bulgarian prime minister also touched upon a very important topic of Russia's influence in his country, the article says. Sofia is one of the few European capitals, in which a monument to Soviet soldiers was preserved.

"Russia's influence in Bulgaria is by no means insignificant, and anti-Russian statements are not welcomed by anyone. But I voted for sanctions in connection with the annexation of the Crimea, because a trait was crossed, which should not have been crossed. Another question is to determine whether these sanctions were effective or not ", - said Borisov.

Touching upon the issue of another extension of the restrictive measures against Moscow during Bulgaria's presidency in the EU, the Bulgarian prime minister said that it was necessary to wait until elections were held in Russia, in which "unconditionally" Vladimir Putin would be re-elected.

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