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"Admiral Grigorovich," will stay in the Mediterranean before the summer

Black Sea Fleet frigate "Admiral Grigorovich," will continue to combat duty in the Mediterranean task force until the summer of 2017 years. This RIA Novosti said a military-diplomatic source.

"Frigate" Admiral Grigorovich, "after the end of the visit of the Turkish ships on the plan of combat training back 8 April at the Mediterranean Sea, where he continued his military service as a part of group of Russian ships to the summer of this year", - said the source.

The source stressed that the yield of a frigate in the area is planned and has nothing to do with the blow struck with the US Navy ships on Syria 4 April.

Previously, "Grigorovich" located in the Mediterranean Sea with 28 February but returned 31 March Novorossiysk to attend a meeting of the Turkish Navy ships.

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