Today: February 23 2019
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Larnaca Airport will start taking a new flight

Larnaca Airport will start taking a new flight

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Wizz Air, the world famous airplane, continues to open new directions. This time the company plans to launch six new flights from the Hungarian city of Debrecen. One of them will be at the airport of Larnaca.

On the official website of Wizz Air, a message of cooperation with the Hungarian airport Debrecen has appeared. From this airport the aircraft of the airline will fly to Malta, to Switzerland, England, Germany, Germany and also to Cyprus.

Some flights will start flying this winter, the rest will be launched in the spring of 2019. The exact schedule of flights yet, but soon it will appear. Then it will be possible to purchase the first tickets for these flights. Traditionally, at the most pleasant prices.

Let's remind, that more recently the flight of Larnaka - Heathrow from known airline Cobalt has been started. Flights will be made every day, which will quickly get to London. And this summer, the airline also launches a flight to Copenhagen from Larnaca, so that the inhabitants of Denmark could spend their holidays on the island.

Natalia Kudlay
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