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Athens three months became the center of the modern art world

One of the largest international exhibitions of contemporary art documenta 14 opened in Athens on Saturday.

Typically, documenta takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany, but this year it will be held in the Greek capital under the slogan "Learning from Athens."

In Athens, the exhibition will be located with 8 16 April to July, and in Kassel June until 10 17 September 2017 years. In Greece, work more 160 masters of contemporary art - installations, paintings, collages, performances - will be presented at 40 venues across the city, including museums, archaeological sites, Conservatory, Palace of music, libraries, cinemas.

Officially opened the exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art and the German presidency of Greece Prokopis Pavlopoulos and Frank-Valter Shtaynmayer, they also visited the exhibition.

"The Documenta - a challenge for the future of Europe, it is an occasion to open a dialogue about politics and democracy here in Athens, in the city that gave birth to the art and democracy," - said Steinmeier. He said he did not want and can not imagine a European family without Greece.

"The title of the exhibition" Learning from Athens "seems self-evident, as is the cradle of our democracy, and it wants to focus on the present economic and political rift between us that - as I understand this message - we have to overcome," - added President of Germany.

Greek president Pavlopoulos said that the first time in 62, the exhibition leaves the city of Kassel.

"The discovery gives me the opportunity, together with Mr Steinmeier, proclaim from Athens - the main pillar on which can and should support the future and the unification of Europe, a European culture and its global influence Europe must move forward, Europe needs to accomplish its mission This is her.. the duty not only to its people, it is her duty to the whole of humanity, because only she can best protect the principles that preserve the planet from further suffering, "- Pavlopoulos said.

"Today the Greek spirit here in its cradle, and the German spirit met in order to protect its natural place in the constellation of Europe's cultural heritage", - he said.

Exhibition curator Adam Shimchik suggested not limited to visiting the main venue, and try to go around the city. "Our journey begins," - said Shimchik.

Organizers hope to attract tens of thousands of tourists - three days before the official opening of the event documenta 14 visited by more than seven thousand of artists and cultural workers from all over the world, the world's largest media correspondents. In the 2012 13-year first exhibition in Kassel visited 900 thousand visitors.

Along with the Venice Biennale, documenta is one of two major art exhibitions in Europe. The exhibition was founded in the year 1955, then on it was presented world-renowned artists that have had an impact on all contemporary art - Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, was a huge success. Its purpose was to restore the tradition of the avant-garde, which was actually banned in Nazi Germany as "degenerate art".

As for the impressions of the exhibition, it has been difficult for some visitors. "Honestly, I do not really understand modern art, but I was really interesting to see the performance." Zombie "here", - said the young Greek in Athens Odeon, which has become one of the main sites.

In the Palace of German music in canary yellow jacket and bright green trousers, with a small poster "Capitalism - it is not art" on his chest, he said that he is interested in the exhibition, although presented in her work, he "true art" is not considered. "I'm curious, what do modern artists how their idea There are interesting ideas they see from a different angle, from another point of view, many things look is interesting, but I still do not think it's an art..." - he told .

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

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