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Athos monks were forbidden to descend from the mountain without permission

The Greek church forbade the monks of Athos to leave the territory of the monastery without written permission.

According to the portal "Russian Athos", the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church published a decree on sacred activities on the canonical territory of the Greek Church, according to which the hegumens and monastics of the Holy Mountain Athos "stay in dioceses in Greece and participate in divine services and parish events, sermons and lectures from now on is possible only with the written permission of the Synod. "

The corresponding order is directed to the Athenian Archdiocese and other Greek dioceses.

This decision caused discontent among believers, as previously such restrictions did not exist. It is known that Athos monks regularly visit Greece to perform the sacrament of confession and participation in church liturgies. In addition, the decision of the Synod can affect the relations with Constantinople, under the jurisdiction of which are the monasteries of the Holy Mount Athos.

A source: newsbomb

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