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AFP: Syrian army came to Palmyra

Units of the Syrian government army entered the city of Palmyra, who hold the militants group "Islamic State" (banned in Russia).

This was reported by AFP.

According to him, the army entered the western part of Palmyra and established control over several areas in this part of town.

Previously received information according to which the army with the support of the fighters of the Lebanese Shiite party "Hezbollah" has returned full control of the height of the Jabal al-Jabal Tar and Hayyal prevailing over Palmyra (240 km from Damascus).

IG militants captured Palmyra in May 2015 years, in late March-2016 of the Syrian military with the support of the Russian aviation liberated the city. In December last year, Palmyra was again in the hands of extremists.

A source: TASS

Tags: Syria, Army, War in the Middle East, the Middle East, IG

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