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Aguilera sang in Cyprus

In social networks there was a video from the performance of the popular American singer Christina Aguilera at the wedding of a couple from Russia at the Anassa Hotel in Neo Horio district (in the north-west of Cyprus). Preparations for the three-day wedding caused a storm of indignation among Cypriot Internet users after the network posted a photo of a bulldozer leveling the sand on the beach of the hotel for the installation of the stage. This beach is the Natura2000 conservation area and the place where turtle eggs are laid.

After a large-scale public protest, permission for the wedding, issued by local authorities (cost - 500 euros), was withdrawn thanks to the personal intervention of the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Nikos Kuyalis. As a result, the wedding was limited to the territory of the hotel. Presumably, the organization of the event cost 8 million euros.

In addition to Aguilera, the wedding was to be performed by the popular singer Justin Bieber, however, no information was received about his arrival.

The edition of Cyprus Mail reminds of another grandiose party held in Cyprus in 2002 on the occasion of the 50 anniversary of the British billionaire Philippe Green. It was spent 8,5 million euros, and among the speakers before more than 200 invited were Demis Russos, Rod Stewart and the group Earth Wind and Fire. Critics then called this event "an impressive example of insipid pretentiousness."

A source: VC

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