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The action "Immortal Regiment" will be held in eight cities of Greece

Victory Day widely celebrated in Greece - will be honored war veterans in eight cities of the country will host the "Immortal regiment", will be held the ceremony of laying wreaths on the graves of fallen Soviet soldiers and the monuments, holiday concerts will be held in Athens and Corinth.

Participation in the festivities will be the Russians, people from all the republics of the former Soviet Union - Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Armenians, along with them are going to celebrate the Day of Victory and the Greeks.

Most large-scale events are planned in the capital - Athens. On the allied military cemetery in the district of Faliro 7 May on the initiative of military attaches will lay wreaths at the tomb of the Soviet soldier Nicholas moved, died in 1944 year.

Stirring after escaping from captivity, he was a partisan of the Greek movement and was killed during the fighting in Athens. There are no historical data about the wiggles are not preserved. It is known only by the name and surname of the soldier.

The Russian Embassy in Athens Victory Day will celebrate veterans - for them to organize a reception. Now Athens live three World War II veterans - participants fighting Anna Bumburidi and George Kanaks and a resident of besieged Leningrad Vera Lomakin.

In the suburbs of Athens municipality Phyllis initiated by local authorities in April 23 was opened a memorial plaque on the grave of a veteran of World War II Zinaida Kuznetsova-Tsingelis.

In the evening of May 9 Kalithea district will hold a ceremony of laying wreaths at the monument to Soviet soldiers who died for the freedom and independence of Greece in 1941-1944 years, and the share of "open mic" will be held near the Russian Embassy Church - students will perform Russian schools.

At seven in the evening in Athens to begin a memorable march "Immortal Regiment" - from the Russian Embassy Church people will be held to the central Syntagma Square in Athens, and the monument to the Unknown Soldier, and then to the palace Zappion.

"Immortal regiment" held in Athens for the third year. Last year more than 500 people came with portraits of their relatives, participants of the Great Patriotic War, this year we expect even more participants.

On the square before the palace Zappion evening a gala concert on the occasion of Victory Day. On the big screen will show a record of the military parade on Red Square, then perform the orchestra of the Air Greek forces and the choir of the Municipality of Athens, the newspaper "Athens Courier" will present a special edition for the holiday, will take the disc presentation of "Songs of Victory" and end all fireworks.

In addition, in Athens preparing two conferences: the round table will be held in May 3 "72 years later: Europe after the Nuremberg Trials," and a forum "The Second World War: Lessons of historical truth" on May 13.

Traditionally held in Athens and action "George Ribbon".

In the northern capital of Greece - Thessaloniki employees of the Consulate General 9 May will lay wreaths at the cemetery in the Allied "Zeydenlink". "Immortal regiment" evening will be held in Thessaloniki.

In Macedonia, will be held as the laying of wreaths at the monuments on the place of burial and the deaths of three Soviet soldiers - members of the Greek resistance in the village Mesovuno municipality Eordei, the monument to the heroes of the Resistance in the village of Nea Santa, will be held solemn prayers at the Russian stations Municipal and Allied cemeteries in Kalamaria district of Thessaloniki .

In the city of Chania on Crete staff military attaches, the Honorary Consulate of Russia in Crete, the city administration and compatriots will lay wreaths at the monument to the Unknown Sailor, the obelisk "Russian sailors who died off the coast of the island of Crete in the period from 1887 until 1911 year" and the obelisk " 33 Soviet soldiers who died in Crete in the war against Nazi Germany. "

In Chania on the Victory Day will be held and "Immortal regiment."

"No worse than in Athens"

Mark Victory Day and prepared in other Greek cities.

In Alexandroupolis "Immortal Regiment" will be held May 7. "We will have a great regiment", - he told RIA Novosti Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg, Adviser to the Mayor of Alexandroupolis Constantine Gabaeridis.

"In Alexandroupolis these days will be a large delegation of St. Petersburg, and she will also take part in the event. In the morning held a liturgy in the church dedicated to the Victory Day in 11 morning will be" The Immortal regiment. "Participating will be the Greeks, the local population. we were invited to participate in the "Immortal regiment" of all those who survived the occupation or participated in the resistance, fought. such people have a large number, so we will have a large regiment, involving not only countrymen but also the Greeks and photographs of their loved ones, relatives in "- Gabaeridis said.

According to him, the regiment will take place to the monument to Russian soldiers, where the Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis will hold a memorial service will be held the laying of wreaths and flowers.

In the evening a big concert will be held at the new Municipal Theater with the participation of the team of "cloudberry" in St. Petersburg.

During the day will be held and action "George Ribbon".

"May Ninth, we will assist in carrying out" Immortal regiment "in Thessaloniki" - Gabaeridis said.

The action "Immortal Regiment" will take place in Kavala, Katerini, Lefkada, Corinth.

In Corinth procession "Immortal Regiment" will start at seven in the evening of May 9 pedestrian street Etnikis Antistasis (Natsinalnogo resistance) and will continue till the central square, where established symbol of the city - the winged horse Pegasus.

"We expect that there will be people 80", - he told RIA Novosti chairman of the society "Druzhba" Elena Ivanova.

"In the evening, the square will be a concert," We remember! "With the participation of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the City Hall of Corinth and the music studio society" Friendship. "The orchestra will play the music Mikisa Teodorakisa. We will sing songs of the war years. The events will take place until nine at night. We all support, . and the mayor's office and the police will be all the solemn celebration of the Victory Day we will be no worse than in Athens "-. Ivanov said.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

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