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The protest of the Greek farmers turned Athens into a battlefield

The center of the Greek capital has turned into a battlefield, a protest of farmers over the riots and clashes with police.

In response to the farmers' attempt to break into the rear of the Ministry of Agriculture law enforcement officers used tear gas. In turn, the protesters pelted police with stones. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Secretary of the Ministry refused to meet with the organizers of the action. As a result, strikers set fire to trash cans, smashed several parked cars and police buses.

"We well remember how Tsipras promised to leave the sector tax at the level of 13% in the election campaign. After the reforms, this figure reached 22%, it is disastrous for the industry ", - said the head of the Agricultural Association of Heraklion Miron Hilentzakis.

Also today, in Greece held a strike of railway workers, which require the cancellation of the program of privatization of public transport companies.

A source: newsbomb

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