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Akinci said about the end of the Cyprus settlement in July

Although the Greek Cypriot side does not want to hear about to schedule negotiations, July will be a "natural end date" talks, said Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, he was referring to the start date of the new drilling in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus. "To carry out the study [hydrocarbons] in the eastern Mediterranean at a time when there is no agreement [on Cyprus], will mean that the Turkish [Cypriot] side can do the same", - said Mustafa Akinci.

He repeated these observations twice, although his statement was taken by the Greek Cypriot side as a threat, but it's just the reality of the situation. "Both countries [of the island] are entitled to a share of the natural gas resources", - said Akinci said, adding that these resources can only be learned through "cooperation achieved in peace and settlement."

He said that the Greek Cypriots do not want to hear about the schedules and dates, but it is natural for the duration of the ongoing negotiations. The leaders agreed after an eight-week deadlock in negotiations to hold four meetings, which will begin in April 20. Akinci said that four meetings are important, and he also called for a more active role of the UN. He also talked about a possible partnership in which Turkish Cypriots will have equal participation. Otherwise, Meskhetian Cypriots remain spectators, he said, and the decision will actually mean a single state.

"Otherwise, despite the objections of one hand, if the decision taken by a majority, the state will be non-functional", - he said.

Akinci said that the basis of living together in Cyprus is to strengthen trust between the two communities, and that the attacks and harassment faced by Turkish Cypriots in the south of the island, has harmed the atmosphere of trust. He said that 22 cases of attacks and harassment of the Turkish Cypriots in the south has been registered. He does not have a time frame in which the incident occurred, but said that "every day is added to them a new case", as referred to in the statement of the press service of the "TRNC".

"Building trust between the two communities is crucial if we are to create a bizonal, two community federal structure to live in peace on this island. This trust can not be achieved by attacking Turkish Cypriot cars and those traveling to South Cyprus, "he said. "As a Turkish Cypriot community, we would be pleased that those who commit these crimes will be brought to justice and punished. Only in this case we can create a deterrent and develop a culture of peace in Cyprus. "Akynji also commented on the issue of the four EU freedoms for Turkish citizens after the decision.

A source: Alliance-Estate

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