Today: January 20 2019
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The Americans and An-Noussere managed to anger the Russian army

The Americans and An-Noussere managed to anger the Russian army

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The Russian Defense Ministry accuses the US intelligence agencies of involvement in the attempt of the terrorists from An-Nusra to seize Russian militaries and use their lives for blackmail. The question is put extremely rigidly, which was best manifested in the attack of the Russian Air Force on the positions of the militants who suffered enormous losses in a short time.

The terrorist group Jebhat al-Nusra has launched a large-scale offensive on the positions of government forces in Syria north and northeast of the city of Ham (these territories are part of the de-escalation zone Idlib). At the same time, Islamists used tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

As a result, in just a day the fighters of An-Nusra wedged into the defense of the Syrian army to a depth of up to 12 kilometers, at the front - to 20 kilometers. At the same time, a group of Russian military police officers with the total number of 29 men, who performed observation functions at one of the checkpoints, was surrounded.

It is the Russian military in the Ministry of Defense that is considered the main target of the offensive of terrorists. Most likely, the militants planned to encircle or even capture Russian servicemen in order to further use them as an instrument in trade, trying to stop the offensive to the east of Deir-ez-Zor.

Moreover, according to the Ministry of Defense, the actions of the militants were initiated by the US special services. The essence of the claim to the Americans is the transfer of information to the jihadists, which allowed them to conduct an offensive operation. True, this could happen involuntarily, that is, because of stupidity. What is alarming is that Americans and radical Islamists still have communication channels, according to which, superficially, information can be left or unwittingly withdrawn.

On the orders of the commander of the Russian group in Syria, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikina, a special squad with a massive support of the VCS advanced to help the surrounded detachment. The detachment who came to the rescue was led by the deputy chief of the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring sides, Major-General Victor Shulyak. The operation was also attended by the forces of the Syrian special forces. Direct support from the air carried out two Su-25 attack aircraft, striking at the accumulation of enemy manpower from extremely low altitudes.

As a result, the encirclement was broken, and all Russian servicemen were evacuated without losses, although three special forces were wounded.

Before the arrival of the special forces, the military police unit for several hours repelled the attacks of the jihadists together with the friendly muali tribe that had signed the agreement on the demilitarized zone. The military corporal of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Andrey Vladykin told some details. According to him, "everything began according to the classics". "After the mortar attack, they began to attack with pickups, pickup trucks with machine guns were pushed out to direct light," he said. Two units of militant equipment could be disabled even before the special forces approach.

After the successful completion of the special operation, the counter-offensive of the Syrian troops, actively supported by the Russian military security services, also began. Parts of the 5 Assault Assault Corps of the Syrian government army completely eliminated the breakthrough of the jihadists and restored the lost position.

At the same time, the scale of the enemy's losses is striking. It has been reported that 187 rebel objects, about 850 terrorists, 11 tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles, 46 pick-up trucks, five mortars, 20 trucks and 38 armament depots were destroyed in a day by air and artillery strikes.

It is worth noting that on Thursday in the center of Idlib a powerful explosion. A mushroom cloud was visible. According to a number of data, it exploded the plant for the production of explosives, but what exactly caused the explosion, has not yet been established.

In addition, the jihadists made an attempt to attack the positions of the Kurds in the Khasaki area, which they did not attempt to do for a very long time.

Meanwhile, at Deir ez Zor itself, the offensive against which An-Nusra tried to stop the attack on the Russian military, parts of the 113 and 137 brigades of the 17 division successfully crossed to the eastern shore of the Euphrates towards the oil fields of al- Umar. And 5-th legion with the support of artillery first occupied the settlement of Marat, and on Thursday released the city of Mazlum, as a result of which the bridgehead on the eastern bank of the Euphrates was seriously expanded.

At the same time, government forces twice fell under the fire of unknown artillery, presumably from the position of the Kurds. However, the Kurds do not have multiple-fire systems, in this area only American RCDs that previously worked for Rakka can be located.

Russian military representatives have already handed over to the American command station at the al-Udeid airbase in Qatar a formal warning about the inadmissibility of shelling government troops from the position of the Kurds.

In turn, the American side accused the Russian military security services of the attack on the positions of the Kurds themselves and actively makes some injured people in Twitter on it.

Sooner or later it was to start, given the current command system of the US troops in the region. With the filing of President Donald Trump, they received too much power and independence - and all too often they abuse it, trying to "make history."

If the fact of leakage of operational information about the location of Russian roadblocks from the province of Idlib by the Americans is confirmed, this can have far-reaching consequences. For only one day, Russian special forces, the military security services and government troops of Syria literally filled up a small section of the desert in the north-east of the province of Khama with the corpses of jihadists.

It is unlikely that a second attempt to seize Russians will be taken more calmly.

The counter-offensive of An-Nusra from Idlib is very much like an agony. Being in this state, jihadists will snap back as cruelly as possible and use any information that falls into their hands.

Eugene Kroutikov
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