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American writer: The Russians have never been so proud of a country, as in Putin

The writer from the USA Lisa Dickey three times drove Russia from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. In his new article, it says that the people had never been proud of his country, both under President Vladimir Putin.

In February, Dickey released book "Bears on the streets of three traveling in a changing Russia", which described the evolution of the country over 20 years. The writer was in Russia in 1995, 2005 and 2015 years.

In his article for the Vox she writes that most impressed her, as in 2015 year, against the backdrop of a weakening economy, the Russians rallied around their president. Dickey believes that Putin "made Russia great again" (here paraphrased a slogan writer Donald Trump «Make America great again»), reports TASS.

Dickey notes that Putin's rating 85%, which sociologists say - completely real figure, which is confirmed by the increasing popularity of various goods (from refrigerator magnets to T-shirts and calendars) with the image of the Russian president, as well as the fact that in many Russian families writer I saw "Putin's a framed photo standing on a shelf in the living room closet."

Dickey also said that love for Putin because he is the complete opposite of his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin - has no bad habits, and do sports.

A source: LOOK

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