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17.05.2017 - 07: 19

US intelligence agencies conduct covert operations against Trump

Trump opened Sergei Lavrov top secret information, jeopardizing source LIH *, who works for the exploration of the country - a key US partner. "This is a betrayal," - writes the American press. And it's not theater of the absurd, and a new level of fight against Trump, which, apparently, US intelligence agencies have entered.

Held at the US president's meeting last week with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry does not release the American press - because it is now trying to inflate a new scandal. Washington Post published an article entitled "Bomb: Trump reveals the secrets of Moscow," which accused the president that at the meeting with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Kislyak he gave state secrets.

In the presentation of the newspaper story is as follows. Trump revealed information that the United States received from a key American partner through intelligence-sharing network:

"During his meeting with Lavrov Trump apparently bragged that he was more aware of the activities of the" Islamic State *. " "I get great intelligence. My people tell me daily news "- the president said, according to officials with knowledge of the course of that meeting.

During the meeting with the Russians Trump began to discuss aspects of the threat, which the United States has learned exclusively through espionage their key partner. He did not voice specific data collection methods, but talked about how "Islamic State" sell individual items of his plan, and how much damage can cause such an attack under different circumstances. But, according to officials, more anxiety was the fact that Trump called the city on the territory controlled by the "Islamic state" in which US intelligence partner discovered threat.

... "Everyone knows that this channel is extremely secret, and the idea that the Russians transmit information about it in such detail, is alarming", - he said one former senior official in the US service to combat terrorism, in particular worked closely with team members of the national security Trump.

According to officials, the mention of the name of the city is a very serious problem, because Russia can use this information to determine the partner of the US or intelligence sources and methods. According to officials, the sources and methods may be useful for other purposes, including, perhaps, to gather information on the presence of Russia in Syria. Moscow may be very interested to find out the source and possibly interrupt his work ....

... In a broader sense, Trump had no right to disclose this information because, in fact, she did not belong to the United States ....

The officials refused to identify the above-mentioned partner of the US, but they added that the first partner has expressed his dissatisfaction with Washington's inability to maintain the confidentiality of information relating to Iraq and Syria.

"If our partner finds out that we passed is Russia without his knowledge or without his permission, it will be a powerful blow to our relations", - said one US official. "

What's the bottom line? Trump told about any intelligence about terrorist attacks planned LIH * - and thus referred to a city in the territory of LIH, about which the US intelligence in a friendly Trump appeared disturbing information. Exploration is not called - but, apparently, it is the Israelis - at least it says, citing an anonymous former US official New York Times. Or English - and then understand the use of the word "network" - a network of "Five Eyes" intelligence linking the five Anglo-Saxon countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

And now the Americans have to worry about two things. Firstly, this intelligence will be offended at the Trump and stop sharing information Washington, and, secondly, treacherous Russian calculate this source in the rear LIH and, horror of horrors, probably hand over his "caliphate" - because he can spy on and against Moscow. That is not just a talker Trump and find for the spy Kislyak, but also a traitor. As the author writes in the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, "Trump critic and former State Department official Eliot Cohen told me:" For any such action would be fraught with resignation, even if it happened by accident. And if this is done on purpose, it is - a betrayal. " What to do? Ruby continues:

"It is curious that someone in the administration found it necessary to divert this information, which will certainly cause resentment among the president. Of course, there are people in the administration who believe that Trump poses a threat to our security. We must be grateful to these patriots, but we also need to continue to investigate, and if necessary to remove from power the man who constantly discredited and demonstrates incompetence.

Tomas Rayt of the Brookings Institution said to me: "This is just the apotheosis of all fears. In recent months, we have heard that Trump is getting back to normal. But this is nonsense. In its surroundings there are people who are working around the clock to prevent a catastrophe; but eventually Trump chief, and he will do whatever he wants, no matter how crazy it was. " Wright continued: "We are blind and we dance on the edge of a precipice."

That is, it is clear that only the prompt impeachment Trump save America ... Despite the obvious absurdity of the whole and complete the above construction, Trump and his team have to immediately react to allegations.

First, the president's national security adviser, General McMaster says plainly that "a story that appeared in the evening - a lie. In any conversation period were not disclosed sources and methods of gathering information. The President did not disclose any transactions that would not have been known before. I was in the room, it just was not there! ". Then they say the same also present at the talks in the Oval Office of the Secretary of State and Deputy Rex Tillerson McMaster Dina Pauell. And after he and Trump writes:

"As President, I would like to share with Russia (to open a scheduled meeting at the White House), to which I have the absolute right to information about terrorism and security on the basis of humanitarian considerations. I also want Russia to significantly strengthen the fight against IG * and terrorism. "

The Kremlin has called all the posts on this subject another nonsense - and understandably so. It is ridiculous to imagine Trump saying Lavrov - that is, read, I have the intelligence report of Raqqa. If Trump told Lavrov on the available information about the impending attack - and it does not matter against whom exactly, Russians or Syrians - that this is not only there is no crime, but on the contrary, there is only quite natural attempt to cooperate with Russia in the fight against LIH .

The desirability of such cooperation are constantly told in Moscow and Washington. And in recent months in this direction occurred real progress (it is enough to mention become after January regular meetings and telephone conversations between the two countries Chiefs of General Staff), which, however, Trump administration in no hurry to inform the press. And understandably so - that the attack because of the mythical "Russian ties", which was subjected to Trump does not contribute at all no mention of Russia.

It is clear that in reality, Trump did not cause any damage to any US security or the interests of the American intelligence or intelligence "key partner". All of this information is absolutely invented a special operation against the President of the United States. That by relying on the part of the US intelligence community holds the American ruling elite, which has almost total control over the American media. The establishment of this special operation switches have all borders - leak information about what is happening in the Oval Office is not happening for the first time.

What is not flowed content of telephone conversations Trump with Vladimir Putin, due to the fact that the minimum range of the closest associates present during their conversations. For example, when the first conversation was vice president at the National Security Advisor to Flynn, chief adviser Bannon and spokesman. In the future, the circle was probably present constricted - especially after the resignation of Flynn, who resigned precisely because sent to the media (but not published) recordings of his conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. But Flynn recorded when Trump has not yet entered office. Now, no US intelligence can not afford to be drained in the press the results of listening to acting heads of state.

However, the current drain opponents Trump came close to this line. It being understood that Trump rent (here it does not matter that the information is false - very important knowledge of the negotiations, which simply distort correctly) is the special services. Contained in the Washington Post article to the nameless "patriot", diversion may be a red herring. After all, in the same article reported that the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Thomas Bossert contacted the heads of the CIA and the NSA to "minimize the possible effects of" frankness Trump. So that the leak to the press, most likely, it has gone through the secret services - which are thus still not afraid to openly expose and take his own president.

Simply put, Trump faced not just with sabotage and open sabotage, war intelligence agencies and "deep state" (the term used to refer to real power, could well be called a synonym for "Washington swamp" that threatens to drain Trump) against the White House . In this war can not be a truce or a draw - it ended in defeat and the defeat of one of the parties.

And, judging by the speed with which events are developing, will end within the next few months. Bringing the level of charges Trump to the absurd Orwellian scale, his enemies will get the same terrible force "out." That is, Trump actually reveal a conspiracy against him - with disastrous consequences for those who now coordinates the attack on the White House.

But the chance to organize Trump impeach his enemies do not have a minimum of 2019 years prior to the beginning (when after the next elections will meet the new Congress) - so that they can only force a way to eliminate the enemy. On Friday, President Donald Trump for the first time will leave America - he went to his first trip abroad.

A source: LOOK

Author: Peter Akopov

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