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16.05.2017 - 20: 09

American stuffing of the "Syrian crematorium" really dangerous

Official Damascus called posts US State Department war crimes in prison "Sednaya" and the construction of the crematorium there, "the fruit of fantasy Trump administration and its agents 'and' new Hollywood script." Another thing is that the main target of this stuffing is not Syria, but Russia and Iran. And it really can be dangerous.

Syrian authorities arrested dozens of hang on a daily basis, the executed body burned in a special crematorium - and it all happens with the support of Russia and Iran, the report says the US State Department's leading diplomat for the Middle East Stuart Jones.

All these atrocities are alleged to occur in prison "Sednaya" near Damascus. Conclusions about the presence of "crematorium" incinerator "hanged" made based on satellite images, some of which are published Department of State, said Wall Street Journal.

A little later, the same story was repeated on CNN. No other evidence was presented. Official Damascus such insinuations, of course, denied.

Photos in question are made in different years, since 2013-th. And for some desired they can be used to trace the evolution of the buildings of the prison "Sednaya". Indeed, four years there are some new buildings, but even the Americans themselves admit that the available images is impossible to establish the purpose of these buildings, and even more so to assert that something is constructed of four years - a crematorium.

Jones has not led, and any evidence of his claim "before the executions 50 people a day." But unnamed cited data (!) Non-governmental organizations, according to which Syria during the period of 2011 2015 years, were arrested by 65 to 117 thousand people who are still being held in prison.

"Sednaya" is one of the many places of detention, where the detainees - says Jones. - According to various sources, the regime is responsible for the fact that "Sednaya" killed by 50 prisoners a day. Reliable sources claim that many bodies were buried in mass graves. " Another way to conceal the killing of prisoners - the infamous crematoria.

Styuart Dzhouns - an experienced career diplomat, worked for many years in the Middle East despite the fact that the American foreign policy system used to regularly throw their employees in different regions of the planet that does not give them time to become a real profile specialists on some difficult areas . But Jones - a rare exception. He was ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, State Adviser in the Iraqi province of Anbar, was deputy head of the US mission in Egypt and headed the Iraqi branch of the National Security Council.

Leave the conscience of American journalists that even the name of the prison in the different editions of different transcribed. Jones has to know how it is pronounced in fact, but voiced these sensational findings at a briefing for journalists accredited to the State Department, that they are "a voice" and wrote, show imagination.

Real prison "Sednaya" is located in 30 kilometers north of Damascus, consists of two buildings (the main built in trefoil, each of the "leaves" which - modal separation), belongs to the Syrian Ministry of Defense and operated by the military police. It really used to hold prisoners jihadist political criminals and radicals. And none of this has never hidden long before the outbreak of civil war in 2011 year.

First in the "Sednaya" contained in the main members of the group "Muslim Brotherhood" - the main force at the time of radical jihadism in the Middle East. At the same time after the beginning of the war, most of them have been released, even though that did not hide his desire to once again take up arms. Among those released were also future leaders of several major militant groups, including, for example, "Jaish al-Islam" (Alloush brothers) and "Ahrar al-Sham '(Hassan Aboud and Abu Yahya Al-Hamaui). In this list there is even incumbent governor (Emir) of Raqqa LIH * Abu Luqman and former Speaker of the LIH Abu Muhammad al-Adnani.

For over 10 years prison "Sednaya" - the main place in Syria for the application of effort on the part of Amnesty International and the TV channel "Al Jazeera". Western human rights activists are regularly interviewed freed jihadists and periodically published the "Black Book", compiled on the basis of these memoirs.

In the 2014 it was issued so-called Caesar Report (Ceasar report), in the preparation of which was attended by not only public figures, but also dear Lords, a former judge of the Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and the same court on the events in Sierra Leone. In this text, we assembled a number of indications of the former inmates, who were then either released or transferred to other places of detention, such as Tishrin or airbase mezze. It is from this text went for a walk on the human rights world voiced by Ambassador Jones numbers of prisoners and executions, reports of torture, "extrajudicial killings", short of military courts and even the tale of "organ trafficking". She fed the Western world a teenager recidivist, who replaced for his exciting life 11 prisons.

Amnesty International is so fascinated by what is happening in the spring 2016 years to see a specialist in architecture and design with the aim to build a model prison "Sednaya". In Turkey, we began to re-interrogate the former prisoners, and on the basis of aggregate data really created 3D-model prison. Why - is unclear. But it was obvious that "Sednaya" will play a special role in the information war over Syria.

However, no crematorium in this model. Crematorium - an exclusive innovation that was born in the briefing Jones diplomat. And if it is constructed only now, what happened to the body of the previous "thousands executed?"
Another innovation was the direct accusation addressed not only to the Syrian government, but also between Russia and Iran, which, according to Jones, "cover crimes of the Assad regime." Previously, it did not sound so stressed out.

In the present situation of such reports (the more "sanctified" the authority of the Ambassador Jones as a specialist on the Middle East) pretty dangerous. Administration Donald Trump and feykovye enough stories about chemical weapons in Khan Jeyhun to apply the "Tomahawk", but here are a crematorium, which "burned by 50 people a day."

Among other things, it contains a clear symbolic allusion to the Holocaust, and no one can predict what will happen if the "report" caught the eye of US president overwhelmingly influential son-in.

In this case, one is not surprised either complete absence of real evidence or constant references to human rights defenders and social activists, whose position obviously biased.

Nobody says that the civil war in Syria, sometimes turning into a massacre "all against all", and the fight against international terrorism are conducted exclusively in white gloves, but "protection of human rights" - all too common way to put pressure on public opinion and the development of short-term military and political decisions. Because already virtually everything that comes from the community members from London, causing a sharp rejection.

If you are, of course, you do not work in the State Department.

A source: LOOK

Author: Eugene Kroutikov

Tags: Syria, Middle East, Prison, United States