Today: December 15 2018
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Anastasiadis made a cabinet reshuffle

Anastasiadis made a cabinet reshuffle

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The new defense minister of the Republic of Cyprus became Thassos Mitsopoulos, who held the post of Minister to this communication. This was announced by the Cypriot government spokesman Stilianidis Christ.

Change Defense Minister occurred within the cabinet reshuffle carried out by President Nikos Anastasiadis. He did it once in the last month of the centrist Democratic Party leadership has decided to withdraw from the ruling coalition and withdraw four ministers from the cabinet because of disagreement with the position of the president and his right-wing Democratic gathering in question and on the resumption of negotiations on the principles of a Cyprus settlement.

In response, Anastassiadis asked 28 February all 11 cabinet ministers to put on the resignation petition desk. Four members of the Democratic Party - Defense Minister Fotis Fotiou, Minister of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism Georgios Lakkotripis, Health Minister Petros Petridis and Head of the Ministry of Education and Culture Kyriakos Kenewesos, in addition to petitions for resignation, also announced the withdrawal or suspension of membership in their party, because they did not agree with the decision of the leader of the Democratic Party Nicholas Papandreou about the collapse of the coalition at the time of the heavy economic crisis on the island.

Despite this step and loyalties, Anastasiadis not leave their posts three ministers. The new head of the Ministry of Health, he appointed the Director of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics Filippos Patsalisa and Minister of Education and Culture Professor Costas Cadiz. Communications Minister instead took over as head of Ministry of Defence became Mitsopoulos economist Marios Demetriades.

All other members of the cabinet retained their posts.

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