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Anastassiadis formed the new Cabinet of Ministers of Cyprus

President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis announced a new government that will work in the second term of his term, the government press and information bureau reported.

Anastasiadis won in the presidential election 4 February, in office for a second five-year term he will enter 28 February. The official appointment of the Ministers will be held on 1 March.

Minister of Foreign Affairs was appointed Nikos Christodulides, formerly an official representative of the Government of Cyprus. Minister of Finance will again become Haris Georgiadis. The new Minister of Defense is Savvas Angelidis.

The new Cabinet also included: Minister of the Interior Konstantinos Petridis, Minister of Education and Culture Kostas Hampjauris, Minister of Energy, Trade, Industry and Tourism, Yorgos Lakkotripis, Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment Costas Cadiz, Minister of Justice Jonas Nikolaou.

The official representative of the government will be Prodromos Prodromu.

The President of Cyprus also made the following appointments:

"The President of the Republic expresses gratitude for the excellent cooperation and important work done by the ministers and his staff during the expiring presidential term,"

- the government press and information bureau reported.

A source: RIA News

Author: Gennady Melnik

Tags: Cyprus, Politics, Ministers, Anastasiadis, Power