Today: December 14 2018
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Angel in the altar

Angel in the altar

Tags: Religion, Christianity

People want the priests to be holy. So it seems to them. In fact, true holiness not only heats, but also burns at times. One can only imagine what it would be like to deign the Lord to put on garments and put in the altar at the Throne not people but Angels. Instead of a full temple of pilgrims, the church in which Archangel Michael would have served, would have been empty. It is completely empty. It would have been worthwhile for the winged godless person to turn once to people with his flaming face and say: "Peace to all!", As some of the most impressionable parishioners would fall dead, and the rest of the bullets would run out of the church, embraced by sacred horror.

People are falling when they see Angels. The knees buckled and the soul was gone in Daniel, when the heavenly messenger was talking to him. Myrrh-bearers, seeing the angels on Jesus' coffin, "beasts of the past" and "bow your face to the ground." I do not think that the reaction of ordinary people would be different in these cases. Obvious holiness, this is not the kindness of Santa Claus with the withdrawal of gifts from the bag, but the terrible meeting of hay with fire. Therefore, people would say: I will not go to the Archangel's service any more. It terribly hurt. I'll go better to Father Stephen (Peter, Nicholas, etc.). He is like us. With it is more habitual.

No less terrible than blessings and prayers, there would be preaching among beings who do not know sin and are not bound by innumerable carnal infirmities. Angel does not know tolerance. He knows only the will of God and, fulfilling it, knows no hesitation. The Lord said to exterminate the Egyptian first-born, will destroy. He said to walk with a sword in the camp of the Assyrian warriors, will pass. The thought of him fluctuating like a pendulum will not be, and this too is terrible for the split consciousness of the petty sinner, whose thoughts are accustomed to swing, like a cane shaken by the wind. So the great good is that at the throne of God in our churches there are people who studied in ordinary schools, married, hobbled by vanity, not icon-painting, in a word.

Even if we distract ourselves from the Angels and wish for a holy man to come (the Old Woman wanted the Goldfish to be on her premises!), The situation will not change much. Or does not change at all. It seems to us - a word something - it seems that the saints are the trouble-free performers of our endless requests. Only in this capacity we often consider them. But the saints were not employed. And if they were hired, their opportunities and abilities go far beyond our usual consumer perceptions.

Here Nikolai the Sinner could, it turns out, fight. I could weigh the slaps on the stubborn detractors of the gospel truth. The Trimiphunt shepherd Spiridon not only healed and benefited, but, for example, he could punish a deacon, who without measure glanced in his beautiful voice, with the dumbness. If these saints occupy our present chairs or head services in our parishes, their ability not only to pardon, but to humble would be for our consciousness some kind of shocking fact, to which we are not ready. Not ready at all. Revealing secret sins, demanding an active change, these are also satellites of holiness, and not just the expected kindness and affectionate miracles.

In any case, it's easier to go to Father Stephen (Gregory, Andrew, etc.) easier, more handy. There are no wings, a normal look, not fiery, only I know about myself what I will say myself and to read conscientious books until God is allowed. That's all this weakness, she is a special favor. And we should overestimate our possible rigorous requirements for the priesthood. Should, they say, this and that; must be such and such. Yes it's rubbish. Proud of rubbish. If most of our saints become holy, obvious and unquestionable saints, our temples can be strangely deserted. It's just that it will be terrible for a multitude of sinners to bring their stale and lepers to the temple, provided that everything is well known about you.

So you will see the priest, who does not look very much like the ascetic who has been exhausted in the fasts and vigils, do not hasten to condemn him. This is for you, lazy, and like you, he serves God. In order that the weak to the feeble one feel compassion. To the cripple over the cripple is not exalted. And all other properties and qualities of the clergy can be humbly judged by analogy.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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