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The English dictatorship of tolerance has become a cover for pedophiles

The English dictatorship of tolerance has become a cover for pedophiles

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The process of another group of rapists showed what medieval horrors are happening in small towns of good old England. The most oppressed class in the country was a drooping white majority, which was at the mercy of the national diasporas. And those who risk to call things by their own names, later have to regret it.

In August, a trial of eighteen bandits took place in British Newcastle. Their case looks as if it was written off as a carbon copy from the notorious events in Rotherham and Rochdale, about which the newspaper LOOK Wrote in the past year.

In Newcastle, there was also a gang that could not be stopped for years. Criminals raped adolescent girls, pumped them with drugs, and then forced to engage in prostitution. Local police, apparently, covered this profitable business, since all complaints of local residents and relatives of the victims remained unanswered.

The same as in Rotherham, was the ethnic accent of the criminal case. All victims of sexual crimes are white girls between the ages of 13 and 25. All criminals come from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Most of them were born and live in Newcastle, have British citizenship. Also on business there passes one white accused - the local inhabitant who played a role of the vault.

The first complaints from teenagers 13-14 years began to arrive in police Newcastle back in 2011 year, but surprisingly remained without consequences. Habibur Rahim was stopped several times at the wheel of his SUV stuffed with drunken underage girls and adult Muslim men, but after the search they let him go. Now Rakhim is convicted of seven rapes and pimping.

Bahmani Ahmadi, a teenage girl accused of rape in 2012 year. However, he remained at large until the year 2014 - a local policeman who considered the complaint, for some reason did not undertake any investigative actions. Now Ahmadi is already convicted of a series of rapes and the organization of a brothel.

Only in 2014, the Northumbrian police realized that something was wrong in the Newcastle subordinated to it. With the help of his source in the city, the investigators attacked the track of a Muslim gang consisting of several dozen people. The search for many of them continues to this day. And the total number of crimes committed by them - rape, pandering, coercion to use drugs, beatings - just can not be counted.

During the operation "Sanctuary", which lasted more than a year, the police tracked down 278 victims. The worst thing is that mostly - minors. Teenagers were skillfully manipulated, sometimes simply intimidated and beaten. Habibur Rahim, for example, urged the girls that they should have sex with his friends "out of love for him." And if the girls tried to complain to the police, they met there either bought, or frightened cops who did not want to contact the Pakistani bandits.

The trial ended in August was already the fourth trial of the Newcastle gang. And only on the day of the verdict announcement the press was allowed to publish the names and surnames of the criminals.

This story shocked the British. Shocked not only the brutality of the rapists, but also their unshakable conviction in their own rightness. The witnesses told the court a story about how one of the bandits was caught on a bus without a ticket. When the female conductor made a remark to him, the Pakistani woman started yelling at her:

"All white women are only good at fucking them and using them as garbage. That's all they deserve! "

On the surface of politically correct British media, the thought that hundreds of violent crimes against English girls have a racist motive, and timid proposals that it would be worthwhile to punish more crimes for such crimes, gradually began to break through. After a few years, as the Newcastle rapists go free, return to their homes - and the horror of a small town will be launched on a new one.

The former chief prosecutor of Britain, Lord McDonald, spoke as carefully as possible on this subject in an interview with the BBC: "It is a big problem in some of our diasporas to consider young women as garbage, to consider them as easily accessible. And it must be solved not by means of law, but by means of the diasporas themselves. "

Verbal gymnastics did not help: Muslim activists and liberal media branded the Lord's statements as "racist" and countered them with their usual mantra that "crimes do not have nationality."

Much more clearly and rigidly about the scandal in Newcastle was expressed by the representative of the shadow government of opposition Labor Sarah Champion. By the standards of her left-liberal party, she literally threw the cap over the mill.

Firstly, she published an article in the right tabloid The Sun (whose owner Rupert Murdoch actively agitates for Brexit and against the acceptance of migrants), in which she was critical of the position of the leader of her party, Jeremy Corbin.

Secondly, she began her text with an obvious, but outrageously politically incorrect fact: "In Britain there is a problem with Pakistani men who rape and exploit white girls."

The champion has personal reasons for a hard tone. She became a deputy of the Rotherham Council of Labor in 2012, when the previous scandal broke out with Pakistani pedophiles. "I was shocked at the hearing," she recalls, "and could not believe my own ears."

The Laborite began to investigate cases of such violence against minors and saw that Rotherham is not an exception, but a manifestation of the trend. In dozens of English cities, Muslim men raped and humiliated white girls, and British policemen refused to initiate cases, fearing accusations of racism. Worse, the British judges did not believe the victims' testimony, and the local councils did not give them any help.

Human rights activities Champion led her to the post of Secretary of State for Women and Racial Equality in the shadow lab of the Labor Party. Naturally, she considered it her duty to speak in defense of the victims of violence in Newcastle. And the reaction to this article obviously surprised her.

Sarah Champion attacked her fellow party members, calling the published material "a model of sinister propaganda." The attack was led by a Pakistani woman of origin and a Muslim in the religion of Naz Shah who organized one-party members to sign a collective letter to The Sun with the demand "not to use Nazi rhetoric."

The champion realized that she would have to retreat. She began to repent, renounce her words and argue that the editors of the newspaper had distorted her text. Moreover, she herself signed a letter of one hundred Labor MPs. But neither a session of self-criticism, nor an impressive human rights experience could not save her: two days after the publication of the article, Jeremy Corbin was fired by the Champion from the shadow Cabinet.

On the contrary, the political capital of Naz Shah, whose mother once imprisoned for the murder of her own pimp, after this episode has grown significantly. Even old anti-Semitism forgave her - until recently Shah proposed to solve the Middle East conflict in one fell swoop - "just take the whole of Israel and take it to the US."

The dismissal of the well-known human rights defender Champion is not just an episode of the labor struggle of the Labor Party. The liberal establishment, in alliance with the diasporas, strives to muffle everyone who calls things by their proper names, if this truth does not interfere with the doctrine of tolerance and multiculturalism.

The specific problem with the rape of white girls across the country can not simply not be solved - it can not even be voiced. On the subject of racism directed against the white majority, absolute taboos are imposed. The Left is ready to fight for the rights of any minority, if only not for the rights of the most oppressed British class - the lunatic proletariat of the indigenous population.

These people can be beaten, robbed, raped. For Labor, designed to protect the people of labor, they remain the same "white rubbish" as for local Muslims.

Now the moral and everyday climate of England is changing right before our eyes. Criminality and drugs, cruelty towards women and children, police corruption and impunity of bandits - the process in Newcastle fully demonstrated how one of the most civilized countries of the planet is slipping into the wildness of the "third world".

Paradoxically, this process is led by the most progressive parties in the country.

Ordinary Britons, having seen enough of the charm of Islamization with its acts of terrorism, "honor killings" and mass rapes, are doing everything to speed up Brexit. A survey recently conducted by the London School of Economics showed that more than two-thirds of the British want to withdraw from the European Union. In this they see the last chance to slow down uncontrolled migration and the slide of their country into medieval order.

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