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English light of civilization

English light of civilization

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Among the slaves of New Orleans - an Irish girl (1883 year)

For ten years the British destroyed more than half of the Irish.

The acting Queen of Great Britain was told a lot of speeches, including the Queen's commitment to the values ​​of freedom and the dignity of the individual throughout the world. So I wanted to remind the woman Liza how all this was embodied by her predecessors. For example, with regard to unfortunate Irish people.

"The slave-owners hung their human property by the hand and roasted their feet or hands, which was one of the forms of punishment. They were burned alive and planted their heads on peaks in the market as a warning to the rest of the prisoners. "

Do you think the Canadian historian John Martin writes about the atrocities of African trade? Nothing like this! So treated with white slaves - Irish.


The "white" slave trade began when the English King James II sold 30 thousand Irish prisoners to the New World.

Charles I and Oliver Cromwell treated their neighbors just as inhumanly. Ireland quickly became the largest source of "human livestock" for English merchants. Most of the first slaves sent to the New World were white.

From 1641 to 1652 year over 500 thousand Irish were killed by the British, and the other 300 thousand - sold. Only during the 1650-ies more than 100 thousand Irish children from the age of 10 to 14 years were taken from their parents and sent by slaves to the West Indies, Virginia and New England. As a result, in just one decade the population of Ireland has decreased from about 1,5 million to 600 thousand people.

The punishment of a white slave

English masters began to use Irish women for personal pleasure as well as for profit. The slave children themselves were slaves. Even if the woman somehow got freedom, her children remained the property of the owner. Therefore, Irish mothers even with liberation remained in slavish dependence.

Over time, the British came up with the best way to use these women (in many cases girls aged 12 years) to increase their fortunes: the settlers began to cross them with African men to produce slaves of a special kind.


England continued to ship tens of thousands of white slaves for more than a hundred years. After 1798, when the Irish rebelled against the oppressors, thousands of slaves were sold to America and Australia. On one British ship even thrown overboard in the open ocean 1302 slave, so that the team left more food.

Irish slaves were distinguished from their free relatives by branding with the initials of the owner, which was applied by the red-hot iron on the forearm in women and on the buttocks of men. White slaves were perceived as sexual concubines. And who did not fit the taste - was sold in brothels.

Often supervisors over white were mulattoes or black. They whipped white with pleasure. Sometimes, in order to satisfy perverted desires, mulatto drivers urged women to strip naked before flogging, and then forced them to continue working all day under the scorching sun. While women in such conditions were engaged in weeding in the fields, the drivers often satisfied lust, taking them from behind.

Monument to the Irish settlers in Philadelphia, who perished in North America by the thousands.

It was on the shoulders of white slaves that the development of the colonies of the New World, the modern United States, lay. Africans joined their ranks later. But the "Anglo-Saxons" prefer not to remember the "white slavery". They have one version of history, in which they have for centuries "lighted the backward people" the light of civilization.

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